Word Search Printable: Find All 50 States!

Help get your kids curious about the world with this free Word Search printable. Simply print it, and then challenge your little explorers to see how many state names they can find. Don't worry if [...]

Toddler Math 101

The best part about introducing your toddler to early math skills is that nobody has told them yet that math can be hard or no fun. In fact, your child will learn most of their [...]

Win FREE Toys!

We're giving away your choice of 1 of 5 FREE toys! To enter, just submit your email and the toy you hope to win below. a Rafflecopter giveaway Winners will be announced on March, 29! [...]

Mommy Musings: Winging It…Every Day

Welcome to the second installation of Mommy Musings...a monthly blog post that discusses things that I encounter being the mom of an 8-year-old girl... How many times have you heard a parent wish that their [...]

Secrets That Teachers Wish Every Mom Knew

Ever wonder what your child’s teacher is really thinking? What would they say if they had an anonymous forum to speak up, speak out, and speak the truth about what’s on their minds? Now, they [...]

Let’s Make Slime!

  If you’ve looked for Elmer’s liquid glue at your local retailer lately you may have been surprised that they were out. All out. Everywhere. From Michaels to Office Max and even Target, major retailers [...]

How To Make Pinecone Owls

Looking for an easy, inexpensive and fun arts and crafts project for your kids? Try turning pinecones into owls! Not only will you and the little ones have a “hoot,” it’s also a great way [...]

How To Craft So Everyone Has Fun

What do you get when you combine a toddler, a preschooler, a first-grader, and a room full of crafting supplies? One frustrated parent or babysitter and a big, big mess. Every. Single. Time. Not fun. [...]

  • The history of the rubber duckie

A Squeaky-Clean History of the Rubber Duckie

It just so happens that the cute rubber duckie we all know and love truly is all it’s quacked up to be. The quintessential children’s bath toy has endured for over 80 years—but before we [...]