Smarts & Crafts: Yarn Art!

Smarts & Crafts: Yarn Art!

A lot of fun art projects have a specific end product in mind, like the mini piñata craft and bubble wrap crafts I’ve previous shared with our readers. But sometimes it’s wonderful to offer your children [...]

The Summer Brain Gain Video Series!

Make this the Smartest! Summer! Ever! with these ingenious summer learning tips, created especially for Moms who want to turn summer brain drain into summer brain gain. Check out the videos below!

Summer Brain Gain: Learn Up The Volume

Summer means school is out (for most of us). That makes it easy for the summer slide to happen. Summer learning loss where students lose academic skills over the summer break is a real issue. [...]

7 Ways Moms Can Beat Summer Brain Drain

Did you know that research has shown that the average student will lose up to 3 months of learning over the summer break? It’s true. This frequently cited article from the National Summer Learning Association [...]

Smarts & Crafts: D.I.Y. Candy Building Ideas

Looking for a sweet way to get your kids interested in STEM activities like designing, engineering and problem-solving? Look no further than your own kitchen cabinets! We’re going to show you how kids can build [...]

  • snap cube birdhouse project

Oh Snap! We Made A Birdhouse!

Snap Cubes offer endless hours of creative play. The building, taking apart, and building again is the best part. But for the summer months, why not make something that lasts all season? Spill out a [...]

Rainy Day Fun: Make Your Own Face Paint!

A perpetual favorite at birthday parties and festivals, face paint is a fun way for kids to show creativity and self-expression. Here are a few simple steps to make your own face paint at home, [...]

Smarts & Crafts: Making Moons, Learning Science

One thing we can count on for sure is that kids love painting and exploring different textures. With this textured paint full moon crafting project, Moms can help turn a love of crafting into an [...]

Creating a Curiosity Journal

By Jodie Rodriguez We all want to raise curious kids who question and explore the world around them.  Curious children discover all sorts of amazing things.  But, how can we nurture this quality in our kids? A [...]