Engineering Fun with Gears!

Gears Building Challenge Cards   Gears! Gears! Gears! Gears are one of the best STEM learning toys young children can use. They encourage creative problem solving, spatial recognition, understanding of cause and effect, and so [...]

5 Fun Activities for Preschoolers to Learn Through Play

You already love to play with your 3- to 5-year-olds. Now, turn those play times into rich learning experiences. It’s easier than you think and lots of fun. In fact, your child won’t even know [...]

Smarts & Crafts: DIY Clothespin Caterpillars

From books about the tiny creatures to actually seeing one inch along the sidewalk, caterpillars always capture the imagination of creative little minds. This DIY clothespin caterpillar craft brings together sensory sensations, fine motor skills, [...]

Smarts & Crafts: 4 Fun, DIY Play Dough Recipes

Does your kiddo love crafting with play dough? Save money and have some fun by making your own crafting play dough, together, at home! There are so many versions to try – from scented to [...]

Getting Curious About… Watermelon

A little natural science lesson about one of our favorite summer foods. With its dark green shell and brilliant red flesh, watermelons are a flashy fruit. It’s no wonder they are a summer favorite. But [...]

The All-American (Screen-free) Road Trip!

Ah, the family road trip. Back in the day, there were no tablets, no in-car media centers, and no handheld devices to keep little ones busy during a cross-country excursion. Imaginations were free to fly [...]

Take the Learning Minutes Challenge!

Learn Through Play Every Day We’ve all heard of the summer slide- how quickly our kids forget everything they spent all school year learning- and we have a fun, clever way to help reverse it, [...]

Playdate Ideas for Easy Fun & Big Learning

School breaks are prime season for playdates.  And playdates are great for kids and parents alike – your kids get to foster relationships with their friends, and you get the opportunity to get to know [...]

End Summer Brain Drain (and Boost Their Diet) with Hidden Veggie Popsicles

In our house, summer doesn’t mean the learning stops… but it does look a lot different than during the school year. One of the best places for learning at home? The kitchen! Cooking with kids [...]