Calling all junior engineers! Learning Resources’ 1-2-3 Build It! toy speaks to the inner creator in all kids. Children can easily assemble a racecar, boat, or airplane within seconds. The neatest part? The pieces fit together for durable play but simply pull a part when your child wants to change it up (and change it up they will). Absolute genius!

Let’s see what this land-sea-air toy is all about!

1-2-3 Build it package

The box, bursting with possibilities, is filled with 15 interchangeable pieces. The parts are a good size, just perfect for little, engineering fingers.

girl assembling

The biggest question: what do we build first?!

plane on packaging

Yes! Totally! The airplane it is!

girl with her hands making plane

A few snaps and its ready for flight! By simply looking at the completed picture of the plane on the box, this three year old figured out what she needed. No directions required!

build it plane

That propeller really moves!

[insert video]

On to the boat. The pieces easily came a part and snapped right in for our next adventure.

girl assembling boat

girl with boat

We discovered that within the packing was some extra blue cardboard, which served as the perfect “lake” for our boat.

girl playing with boat

To round out the 1-2-3, we built the fast racecar.

girl assembling car

Making a construction paper drag strip for our car really got things zipping along.

race track with car

After assembling all three, we tried to figure which were the key pieces for the project? In other words, which part were needed for each transport vessel?

race car pieces

The boat, plane, and racecar all required the main blue cone and the wheels. And let’s not forget the blue building buddy. He’s not just along for the ride – kids can turn him upside and use him like a screwdriver for the wheels.

The 1-2-3 Build It! is a guaranteed hit, sure to be pulled out time and again.

girl with plane