We had our first snow day today! My boys are always so excited by the first snow of the winter. As soon as they woke up, we bundled up in our snow gear and went outside to play in the fresh blanketed snow. Once they were worn out with that, a short 15 minutes later, I realized I had a whole day to fill to keep the boredom blues away. Thankfully, I can always count on a movie to take up some time in the day, but my boys aren’t the kind to relax long.

Stuck inside for the day? Here are 10 of my favorite indoor activities!

Build a Fort

Build a fort

Building a fort out of the couch cushions has always been our favorite way to kick off a day at home. They love rolling around on the cushions, cuddling up under blankets, and reading books under the sheet tent. I always use this opportunity to quickly vacuum up any hidden snacks in the couch.

Games and Puzzles

Dinosaur puzzle

We have a ton of good games and puzzles that we hardly use on a day to day basis. My older son is a dinosaur fanatic, so we were so excited to complete the giant puzzle from Learning Resources! To add a bit of movement to our day, we also played our Alphabet Game.


Pretend Play

Pretend and play

My favorite pretend play set-up with the boys is to play “doctor.” I have realized that by volunteering to be the patient, I am guaranteed about 20 minutes of laying on the couch, while the boys do my “check up.” The doctor pretend play set has so many fun accessories and it always cracks me up that they know exactly what the tools are for from visiting the pediatrician’s office.

Cardboard City

Build a city

Scour your recycling bin and grab any boxes you can to make a cardboard city for your kids to play at. We used materials we had at home to make our own community. Read the full blog post here!

Giant Coloring Pages

Coloring activity

For some reason, kids love coloring GIANT things. I looked up some of my son’s favorite TV characters and tried my best to draw them on the back of a paper roll I rolled out onto the kitchen table. I put out the normal coloring supplies, and even added some paint sticks for some different textures. They had a blast coloring, and this momma got to drink some coffee.

Sink Play

Sink play with animals

Water play in the sink is one of my go-to activities for my boys. It’s relatively mess free if you throw a towel on the floor, and typically keeps them entertained for a while. For this sink play, I added ocean animals and a blue water color changing tablet from Crayola and stood back to let them enjoy.

Easy Peasy Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin

Sensory bins don’t have to be fancy to be fun to kids. Raid your pantry, grab some old pasta, dried beans, or even oats and throw it in a larger storage bin. Add measuring cups for scooping and pouring and a few favorite toys and let them play!

Painting Snow

Snow play

If you live somewhere it snows, this activity is super fun to try. I went outside with a spoon and a bin, scooped up a bunch of snow and laid out some watercolor paints. Kids love watching the snow change colors. This would also be fun with ice cubes if you don’t have any snow.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Snack board

I first learned about this idea through my son’s preschool teacher, and we’ve been doing it at home every once in a while to keep things fun. I make the boys a snack board (similar to an adult cheese board, but with kid friendly snacks) and lay down a blanket on the floor of the living room for our picnic. The boys are allowed to invite their stuffed animal friends, and we enjoy the snacks on the floor.  

Mixing Potions with Beaker Creatures

Science experiments

My son loves doing science experiments. The Beaker Creatures is the perfect set to have on hand when you are stuck inside. Measure and mix the ”potions” together and get a colorful fun reaction!

We love all these activities in our house. They are easy to set-up and utilize a lot of toys and materials you already have at home. It can be fun to be stuck inside for the day!

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