The first day of school is looming and whether it’s your child’s VERY first day or they’re heading back for another year of learning and fun, it’s definitely a day to document. But with so much excitement (and, let’s face it, pressure to get out the door on time after so many leisurely summer mornings), it’s not always easy to snap a post- or print-worthy pic of your kiddo. Luckily, we’re sharing five of our very best tips for spectacular back-to-school shots, including:

1. Get Colorful!

Bright, colorful photos are always more interesting, so play up those hues! Put your kiddo in something colorful or at least add a pop of color. Then pick a backdrop with plenty of contrasting color – blue to his red, yellow to her purple, etc. The school bus, front doors of the school, even your garage door are all good options, depending on the color.

5 Tips for Taking the Best Back to School Pix Colorful

2. Consider Consistency!

Once you’ve found the perfect picture spot, consider using it year after year. Consistency of location is a great way to showcase changes in your child’s height and appearance without the distraction of a unique background. Some spots, like your brightly painted front door or a pillar with green grass behind it, can even serve as a growth chart year-to-year. Just make sure your kiddo is standing in the same place each year – and that you are, too!

3. Look Down!

Shooting your kids from above ensures there will be light on their little faces and gives you some fun angles to play with. Speaking of faces, don’t forget to get a few close ups of their sweet smiles.

5 Tips for Taking the Best Back to School Pix Camera Angle

4. Hold On!

No one knows what to do with their hands in a picture, least of all little kids. Props like a lunchbox or an apple are a good way to keep busy hands still. Your child can also hold a sign with your child’s grade level on it – make your own or find one online – which does double duty of helping you remember which grade they were entering in years to come. Or you can direct your kids to put their hands on their hips or in their pockets.

5. Don’t Stress!

If things are just too hectic on the first day of school, you can always snap a second day pic. Or plan to take your shot on the playground after school every year. No one will know the difference and keeping things calm, cool, and collected on the first day is far more important than getting that back to school pic first thing on the first day.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to get a plethora of post-worthy pix of your superstar student. And don’t forget to snap a few shots while you’re shopping for school supplies, walking to the bus, in line for the classroom, and with your child’s friends and teacher. You never know which one will be the winner and you’ll be glad to have documented all the little details that will make up your child’s school year. For more back to school tips, check out these FREE School Printables!

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