Summer is still in full swing and suddenly it’s time to think about getting the kids ready to go back to school. Talk about a challenge—you’ve got to transform those wonderful wild things running through the sprinkler into the well-mannered students you see smiling brightly in back-to-school ads everywhere.

And the clock is ticking! But don’t worry, the 6 back-to-school quick tips below can help you jump start your preparation. Check them out…

Early to bed

It’s easy for bedtimes to drift later and later as the summer goes on, leading to lazy late mornings as well. Do your kids a favor and start setting a regular, early bedtime now. They’ll thank you for it once school starts. (OK, they won’t, but you’ll thank yourself!)

back to school bedtime ideas

Look who’s talking

Let kids talk about what makes them nervous and what they’re excited about. If it’s the first time your child is going to school, ease their mind by talking about what they’ll experience—the kids they’ll meet and the things they’ll learn, even basics like where you’ll meet at pick-up time.

Preview the school

Take a trip to the school ahead of time to let kids locate the door they’ll go in, walk to where their classrooms will be, and find out where the bathroom is.

If your kids will change classes, follow the route through their schedule. This will ease anxiety and boost confidence for the first day.

Back to school parenting tips

Easing meltdowns

Starting a new routine can jar kids and make them cranky or even throw tantrums when they get home from school. It’s actually perfectly normal, and meltdowns will lessen as kids adjust to the new routine.

In the meantime, find things your kids can do to self-soothe. Coloring or dancing to music can help.

Style matters

Many things are decided for kids—when they have to leave in the morning…what teacher they’ll have…what lessons they’ll learn. So let kids have a say in what they eat for breakfast and what they wear (if they don’t have a uniform).

It’s amazing what a toaster waffle and a sparkly skirt or superhero shirt can do for a child’s mood!

After school smarts

Start a regular routine for when kids get home from school. Designate a place for their backpacks. Have them empty out their lunchboxes. And provide a place at home for them to put papers, like homework, notes from the teacher, and permission slips you need to sign.

All of these things will help your kid(s) transition from summer to school without a hitch!


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