Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth!

These fun collectible creatures come from many distant planets, and they all have their own unique characteristics. What if we told you that you can find and examine your very own creatures right in your backyard?

Try to see if you can find the closest earth relative to our outer space creatures! This fun outdoor activity will keep your kids entertained, while teaching identification and classification skills. Let the science begin!

Beaker Creatures

While heading out to the backyard, be sure to bring some equipment to capture and handle your critters.

You can use:
A shoebox or cup for an observation station
A large tweezers for gently handling what you find.
A magnifying glass will also be helpful to really see the characteristics of whatever creatures you find! If you have the Beaker Creatures™ Magnification Chamber you can use that for easy and on-the-go observation like below!
A printout of all the creatures to easily identify which animal is the closest relative!

Beaker Creatures All

Now that we’re ready let’s begin our exploration!

Creatures Identification Discovery

We found an ant! This animal has six legs, two antennae and three main body parts; the head, thorax, and abdomen. Which Beaker Creature is an ant most like?

Definitely Stuckly!

Beaker Creatures


What’s next?

Beaker Creature

We found a worm! This animal has no legs, no wings, and has one long body. Which Beaker Creature is the worm most like?

Beaker Creature Discovery Bugs

We think Blerk!

Beaker Creatures


Now try your own adventure! Can you find an animal in your backyard that looks like the following Beaker Creature Flylo? (Hint: he buzzes and is often a guest at picnics!)

Beaker Creatures

Once you find it, write down the characteristics and compare and contrast the similarities and differences between your creature and Flylo!

Beaker Creatures Backyard


The whole backyard is a science experiment waiting to happen this summer with Beaker Creatures! Enjoy!

Beaker Creatures