Fill Your Easter Basket with Fun and Learning – Make it a Beaker Creature Easter!

As the old song goes, hippity hoppity, hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way! In addition to dyed eggs, oodles of candy, and treasures from the Target dollar bin, this year, slip some science into your kiddos’ baskets with Beaker Creatures!

Beaker Creature Easter

Beaker Creature pods are the perfect addition to your Easter egg hunt – they’re even the perfect shape! At our house, the bunny always brings a mix of real eggs and plastic ones filled with treats and hides them in the backyard. This spring, I’m pretty sure he’ll also be hiding Beaker Creature pods, too!

Beaker Creatures Egg Easter Hunt

beaker creature easter

Once your little ones have rounded up all their Easter goodies, it’s time to turn your kitchen into a springtime science lab! Simply set out several glass bowls, a pitcher of water, some vinegar, and a few left-over Easter egg dye tabs and get ready to experiment.

Beaker Creature Easter

Here are a few things to try:

Fill a bowl half-full of water (these guys really fizz up – you might even place the bowls on a cookie sheet to contain any overflow) and let your little one drop a Beaker Creature in. The eggs will foam and fizzle until they’re dissolved. Once revealed, a hidden capsule holding an adorable Beaker Creature appears!

Beaker Creatures Fizz

Have the kids drop their Beaker Creatures into separate bowls of water and race to see whose pod dissolves first!

easter science

Compare and contrast the results of dissolving two creatures in side-by-side bowls of water and vinegar. Does one dissolve faster?

Next up, color-changing fun!

Drop an Easter egg dye tab in a bowl of vinegar and stir to dissolve. Examine the color of a Beaker Creature pod and help your kids make a prediction as to what color the liquid in the bowl might turn when dropped into the bowl of dye. Try again, with a different color dye and a different colored pod. You can even mix the foam colors together to create fizzy new shades.

easter science beaker creatures

When you’re done experimenting, check out the classification cards each Beaker Creature came with.  Help your kids examine their Creatures’ characteristics in order to identify and classify them into one of five fun worlds. Review the amazing, real-world science facts on the included mini-poster, then see if your little bunnies can answer the quiz questions.

Easter Science Creatures

When the science is done, continue the fun with some Beaker Creature crafting! Visit to learn more about each of the five Beaker Creature worlds, then browse our blog for inspirational ideas, tips, and tricks for creating your own, home-made habitats for these adorable alien friends.

And there you have it! An easy way to slip some science into your Easter basket! With 35 different critters to collect and a brand-new series releasing this year, Beaker Creatures will keep your kids busy all spring and summer, too!

Save it for later!

Beaker Creatures Easter Egg Relay Race