The Beaker Creatures are back at it again with more wild adventures!

It’s time to get dizzy with an out-of-this-world whirlpool! See how fast you can spin your creatures around and around with this awesome science experiment. Mix two different colors in the plungers for an even cooler effect.


For this simple experiment you will need:
Food coloring of your choice
Beaker Creatures (you can get them with any purchase here)
Liquid Reactor Set


First, add a few drops of food coloring to each beaker of water. Be sure to stir it well.

Beaker Creatures Experiment Whirlpool


Fill each hydroplungers with the different colors and put them back in the station.

Beaker Creatures

Add your favorite Beaker Creature to the chamber using the tongs.

Beaker Creatures Whirlpool

Push down on the plungers FAST and watch the whirlpool go! How fast can you make it go?

Beaker Creatures

Also, see how the yellow and blue colors mixed to make green? See how many other color combinations you can make. What two colors mixed together will make purple? How about orange?

Tune in next time for more wacky science experiments with our friends the Beaker Creatures! And don’t forget to pick up your own Beaker Creatures Set here so you can join in on the fun!