Snap Cubes offer endless hours of creative play. The building, taking apart, and building again is the best part. But for the summer months, why not make something that lasts all season? Spill out a pack of the colorful cubes on the picnic table this season to make a fun and functional birdhouse!

snap cube bird house crafting

First, create a base for your avian abode. In this case, green cubes were snapped together to make “grass”. Be certain to interlock the protruding side of the cube at different touch points up and down your square to ensure a strong fit. Also, select an odd number of cubes, so your entryway and perch will be centered.

making a birdhouse from snap cubes

Make an entryway for your birdhouse. Depending on who you see pecking around your yard, make sure you opening is tall enough. Here, the opening is four cubes high, in the hopes that some sparrows might want to call it home.

DIY birdhouse crafting

Begin building your house around the entryway. Construct your walls, making sure that they interlock, by once again alternating your protruding Snap Cube sides with one another.

DIY crafting of birdhouses with snap cubes

Continue building your walls so you get a hole in the center where your roof will be constructed. Here, white “trim” defined where the roof and sides meet.make your own bird house

When creating the interior roof structure, make your pieces three cubes long. Again, make sure to snap the protruding side at different points within the roof infrastructure. Hold your sidewalls as you slide the three-stacked cubes inside.

bird house crafting ideas

Start your peaked roof in the middle with Snap Cubes stacked three high, running the length of your roof. To the left and right of the three-stack, cascade the roof to two-stacks, then one, creating your “peak”.

making bird houses with Learning Resources snap cubes

Keep your flat roof supported as you create your pitch with support from your hand.

DIY bird house crafting

Add fun details like a chimney or bushes with “flowers” to customize your birdhouse. And don’t forget the perch!

arts and crafts birdhouse projects


bird house crafting at home

Place your birdhouse outside on a table, ledge, or safely nestled in a large bush or small tree. Welcome home, little birds!

snap cube birdhouse project



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