Color By Number Hex Codes

Do you remember doing color-by-number activities when you were a kid? You would color section of an image with a color following a guide. Then you’d reveal a great pattern or image at the end! What if I told you that you were actually learning how to code? It’s true! Color-by-number is a great way to introduce coding through following a process, matching elements together and executing a series of steps to reach your end result. We’ve taken this to the next level by introducing Hexadecimal Color Code numbers to this fun color-by-number heart!


What are Hexadecimal Color Codes?

Hexadecimal colors, or “hex” color codes translate the colors we see in person into numbers, which makes it possible for coding applications to use them on websites. Every color used on webpages on the internet is represented by a different hexadecimal code.

Did you know there are over 16 million hex color codes to choose from?

Hex heart complete

Use this Color-by-Hexadecimal Coloring Sheet to learn Hex Color Codes!

  1. Print the coloring sheet using color ink – you’ll need to reference the Hex code legend at the bottom.
  2. Pick out markers, pencil crayons or crayons that match as closely as possible to the color legend on the coloring sheet.
  3. Find the Hex code you want to start with in the legend. Next, find the corresponding color in the heart and fill it’s section in with the matching color.
  4. Continue on, heart by heart and hex code by hex code, until the heart is filled with color.

Once finished, you’ll have a colorful valentine and be more familiar with how colors are represented in binary code using the hex color system.

Valentine's Day Coding: Color-by-Number!