Everyone knows and loves our out-of-this-world friends the Beaker Creatures! They come from 5 different planets and each have their own unique classifications. The Creatures let us know they were in need of a new friend, so we thought it would be fun to turn it over to the creature-crazed kids of America with a Make Your Very Own Beaker Creature Contest!


Lots of kids responded to this challenge, and all of the creatures they designed were awesome!

Here are a few of our favorite submissions!

Beaker Contest Beaker Creatures Contest

Beaker Creatures Contest Beaker Creatures Contest

After we poured over the many unique creatures, we decided that Sweeper was the winner!

Here is a picture of Sweeper designed by the expert creature creator Morgan!

Contest Beaker Creature

Now its time to make him come to life!

Dave, our senior graphic designer, started drawing up the sketches of the creature to get things started.

Beaker Creature

Then our lead industrial designer, Liz, got to work making this creature come to life in 3D!

Beaker Creature Contest

Beaker Creatures

We played around with different colors that Sweeper could be. We asked Morgan what colors she liked best for her creature. She picked orange!

Beaker Creatures Contest

After that, we shipped his dimensions and drawings off to the vendor and had them mold him into a 3D model!

Beaker Contest

Now Sweeper is a true Beaker Creature! Welcome to the family!

Get your own Beaker Creatures here!


Contest Beaker Pin