Check out these fun Dinosaur facts!

  • The fastest dinosaurs we know about were the ornithomimids, which looked a little bit like ostriches. They could run almost 40 piles per hour!
  •  The smallest dinosaur was about the size of a chicken. It was called the lesothosaurus!dinosaur fun facts
  • The tallest dinosaur was probably the sauroposeidon… his head was 60 feet off the ground, thanks to his huge neck! That means his head would be above the roof of your house!

Dinosaur fun facts Sauroposeidon

  • The heaviest dinosaurs weighed over 100 tons… and had to eat about 1 ton of food per day.
  • Some dinosaurs had heads as big as your mom and dad’s car!
  • We know of about 800 different kinds of dinosaurs… although we find new ones all the time.
  •  Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 165 million years!
  • They lived everywhere, including in the land that became Antarctica. In fact, the first dinosaurs lived on Pangaea – which means all the continents on Earth were part of one big landmass. A dinosaur would have been able to walk from your town all the way to China!

Dinosaur fun facts Pangaea

  • When dinosaurs were alive, the average day was about 22 hours! That’s because the earth rotated faster back then.
  • Some dinosaurs, like the sauropods, could live to be up to 100 years old.

dinosaur fun facts for kids

  • Dinosaurs had feathers! And as we learn more and more about them, scientists are starting to think that all dinosaurs probably had feathers… even the mighty T-Rex!
  • Dinosaurs aren’t extinct! Birds are descended from dinosaurs, so technically they could be considered a type of dinosaur.

facts about dinosaur for kids

  • Pterodactyls weren’t dinosaurs! They were actually flying lizards. They had 90 teeth.

dinosaur fun facts Pterodactylus

  • Dinosaurs had fleas! Giant fleas in fact… 10 times bigger than today’s fleas. Luckily, they probably couldn’t jump.
  • Some dinosaurs, like the Apatosaurus, might have been able to create a sonic boom… by swooshing their tails.

Apatosaurus fun facts for kids

  • Brontosaurus isn’t a real dinosaur. Sorry Fred Flinstone :'(



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