Playtime is out of this world! With so much in the news lately about NASA’s latest missions, not to mention the first ever image of a black hole recently released, space talk is certainly on the rise. How about making some play dough sure to spark otherworldly conversations about our galaxy?

But first, some questions and answers!

DIY Craft Galaxy Dough

What is the Milky Way?

Our home galaxy is called the Milky Way, and it contains hundreds of billions of stars that burn just like our own sun. That means there are most likely billions of solar systems out there just like ours. The Milky is believed to be 13.51 billion years old.

Just how big is the Milky Way?

The Milky Way is about 100,000 light years in diameter. A light year is the distance light travels in one year. But according to scientists, the Milky Way is small compared to other galaxies. M87, another elliptical galaxy, is 980,000 light years in diameter.


Here’s how to make Milky Way dough, inspiring even your littlest astrophysicist! 

You will need:
2 cups of flour, plus extra to sprinkle on
½ cup of salt
1 ½ cups boiling water
2 tablespoons of baby oil
1 tablespoons of cream of tartar
5-7 drops of glycerin
Glitter colors of your choice
Adults only: get the water boiling on the stovetop.

DIY Galaxy Dough

Have the kids mix the flour, salt, and cream of tartar.

DIY Galaxy Dough

Once your water is boiling, turn it off and remove it from the heat. Add the black food coloring. To get the deep, galaxy-black color, be prepared to use lots of food coloring, about half and ounce. The kids will love to see the food coloring billow into the hot water.

Galaxy Dough Craft DIY

Next, pour in the glycerin and baby oil. These two ingredients will prevent your dough from being too sticky.

DIY Crafts

Adults only: pour the water mixture directly in to the bowl of the flour mixture and stir. Be aware of splashes since the water mixture is hot.

Galaxy Dough Craft DIY

Add glitter of your choice, and once again give it a good stir.

DIY Glitter Dough

Next, knead the dough for several minutes, really working it through. Dry hands work best. You might find that the dough is a little sticky. Throw the dough back in the bowl and sprinkle a little flour over the top and re-knead.

Craft DIY Galaxy Dough

This Milky Way dough is a blast to pull a part, twist, and pound out. And look who wanted in on the fun–the Astrolyte Beaker Creatures!

Beaker Creatures DIY Galaxy Dough Craft

Hope you have some intergalactic fun!

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DIY Craft Dough