The Olympics! The athletes! The countries! The sports we’ve never watched but now can’t get enough of! The Luge!

The Luge is a sport rarely seen on television except during the Olympics. Children delight in watching this event…probably for its fast pace, frigid temperatures, and the fact that it’s a sport on a SLED!

How to make your own indoor luge track:

Here’s an idea for an indoor luge for your kids to construct and engineer, with just a few supplies. The Olympic Luge track is made entirely of ice, but recreating a miniature, frozen slide in a warm house just wouldn’t make sense. So we switched it around, freezing the sled instead of the track.

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Run to the hardware store to find an inexpensive outdoor drainpipe. Cut the pipe in half lengthwise with scissors. Tape the two ends together to make one, long halfpife.  Grab items from around the house to freeze – coins, craft pom poms, Buddy Builders, plastic playthings, etc. Will a heavier frozen “sled” slide down the track faster?

Ice Luge, Winter Games, DIYIce Luge, DIY, CraftsDIY, Ice Luge, Craft

Engineer your luge so your sleds can easily slide down. Here, the luge is taped to a bookshelf to begin. Use boxes, magazine holders, or other items around the house to add height and variation.

DIY, Crafts, Ice Luge

DIY, Ice Luge, Craft

Have the kids decide which frozen sled to send down first.

DIY, Ice Luge, Craft

DIY, Ice Luge, Craft

Down goes our athlete in the Luge!

DIY Ice Luge Video

Next was a race between frozen letters.

DIY, Ice Luge, Craft

DIY, Ice Luge, Craft

The indoor ice Luge provided for lots of fun…but be aware of chilly fingers!

Happy Olympics!

DIY, Ice Luge, Craft