April showers bring May flowers, and butterflies, and birds! Marble your May with this fun and easy springtime craft, perfect for a breezy afternoon inside!

What You’ll Need
Shaving cream
Food coloring (several colors)
Baking dish or cookie sheet with sides
White paper plates (non-coated)
Butter knife
Paper towels
Hole punch
Yarn or twine
Clothes hanger

DIY Craft

What You’ll Do – Marbling

The first step in this spring-time craft is to create your “marbled” crafting surface:

Cover your baking dish or cookie sheet with a thin layer of shaving cream (your kids will love this part!)

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Choose a few coordinating colors of food coloring and drizzle drops randomly across the shaving cream.

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Use your butter knife to “pull” and “swirl” the color through the cream (don’t mix it – just pull it around).

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Place a paper plate flat onto the marbled shaving cream and press slightly, without sliding the plate up or down.

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Then, pull the plate straight up and out of the cream.

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Set the dyed plate on a sheet of paper towel and use your butter knife to scrape the shaving cream off the top, revealing a beautiful, marbled pattern underneath!

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Repeat until you have several marbled plates. Experiment with adding new colors of shaving cream, until the color starts to look muddied. Then dump your old foam and start fresh with a new layer of shaving cream and marbled color between plates.

Allow a few minutes to dry, then marble the back sides of each plate. Just press your plates, white side down, into the foam, lift straight up, and scrape the excess foam away.


What You’ll Do – Make a Mobile

Now that your plates are marbled, decide what kind of springtime symbols you’d like to design. Maybe a butterfly or rain drop, a bird’s egg or rain cloud? Then:

Cut your plate into the desired shape

For a butterfly, cut your plate in half, then cut a notch out of the center of each plate and tape or staple together.

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

For a rain cloud, cut a circular shape with bumpy edges.

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

The shamrock, cut a stem with four oval leaves.

Punch a hole in the top of each design.

DIY Craft Spring Shaving Cream

Cut a 4” piece of yarn for each plate, string it through the hole, place the string on either side of the clothes hanger rod, and tie a knot at the top of the string


Hang your springtime mobile craft and enjoy!


Save it for later!

Craft Spring Mobile