The winter season brings such joy as everyone patiently waits around for mother nature’s first big snow! Bring the magic of snow to life with snowflake salt painting! With just a few simple steps and supplies you’ll have kids passionately engaged in the science of snow. This activity can even be perfect for primary fingers with Learning Resources Primary Science Jumbo Eyedroppers with Stand. 

Salt painting is a fun primary activity to do with kids that also incorporates chemistry. It’s easy to prepare and the final product can be so beautiful! It’s also really interesting to watch the watercolors run along the salt as you paint!

Before getting started, I would recommend reading the book, The Story of Snow by Jon Nelson and Mark Cassino.  Kids can discover how snow crystals form, what shapes they take and the fact that no two crystals are alike. This book and the snowflake painting activity are perfect for winter days stuck inside at home or in the classroom. It features images of real snow crystals that will spark curiosity, engagement and the desire to paint them!

DIY Snowflake Painting Materials 2

Supplies You’ll Need

In order to get started, gather these supplies.

Step 1

Trace the snowflake outline with liquid glue, being sure to get each arm of the snowflake very carefully. Looking back, I would have printed the snowflake templates in color that way any area that isn’t completely covered or bleeds through, it only shows blue.

DIY Snowflake Painting Outline DIY Snowflake Painting Supplies

Step 2

Sprinkle a generous amount of salt to cover the glue. Over a sink or plate, pour the excess off.

DIY Snowflake Painting Liquid 2 DIY Snowflake Painting Squeeze Tube

Step 3

Use the eyedropper to slowly drip the food coloring onto the salt painted snowflakes. Although it might be difficult, try not to over drip with the eye droppers,  but rather watch the salt soak up one droplet of color at a time.

Salt Painting Tip: The more food coloring you use the darker your “paint” will appear. You can do it after letting the glue dry for a little or right away – it shouldn’t make a difference!

DIY Snowflake Painting Squeeze Tube Design

Once you’re finished, let your snowflakes dry for 24 hours. Be careful not to touch the salt or it may come off. If you do happen to accidentally knock off some salt, you’ll be left with a beautiful watercolor painting underneath.

DIY Snowflake Painting Design Focused

It might even be a cool idea to try adding a variety of colors or different shades of blues to add a special effect. Salt painting can easily be adapted for content topic or season you’d like.

DIY Snowflake Painting Wonderful Winter

If you’re looking to extend the content or add to the activity, these are some great winter snow titles. Wonderful Winter: All Kinds of Winter Facts and Fun by Bruce Goldstone and Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner are the perfect compliment.

Enjoy the magic of snowflake salt painting!

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