Have Fun No Whether the Weather! 

April showers bring May flowers. And if you ask any parent they’d say tumultuous Spring weather also brings antsy little kids! Whether its raining cats and dogs, or a blustery Spring day, below are two activities sure to bring hours of fun for your little one…no whether the weather!


Rain Cloud in a Jar

Where does rain come from? Why does it rain? How do the clouds know when to rain? These are only a few of the questions my four year old has asked me ever since she learned that rain helps things grow in the Spring. To understand how a rain cloud holds water until it gets too heavy, we made a rain cloud in a jar. The materials are simple, and probably stuffed inside a few drawers and cabinets in your home already! Your child will be begging to make the rain, rain come again another day!

Spring Weather Crafts DIY

All you need is a mason jar, water, shaving cream, a dropper, and different colored water.

Spring Weather DIY Craft

Fill the mason jar with water almost to the top and fill the rest of the jar with shaving cream. Have your child pick out one color to start with and fill most of the dropper. This is a great fine motor activity!

Spring Time Craft DIY

Watch as you start to see the colored water seep through the shaving cream “cloud.” Just like clouds in the sky, the shaving cream soaks up the colored water until it becomes too heavy. My kids were really excited to see the colors floating down. The more colored water you drop into the shaving cream “cloud” the heavier the cloud becomes until finally….

Spring Weather DIY Craft


The shaving cream “cloud” will start to rain! Repeat these steps as many times as you want, with as many colors as you want.


Let’s go fly a kite!


One of my daughter’s favorite things to do is go to Michael’s and pick out a new craft supply. Needless to say, our crafting cabinet is busting at the seams. While tearing through our cabinet over spring break some string and paper bags fell out. Combine these two supplies with the steady Spring wind and you have a recipe for the perfect DIY kite!


What you need:
Hole punch
Tape Measurer
Decorations (Crayons, stickers, markers)

Spring Weather DIY Craft

Open the bag up and pinch the bottom in the middle so you can hole punch two holes at the bottom of the bag. Cut your string to 3 feet long and thread the string down through the bag, and back up through the inside of the bag. Tie a knot inside the bag close to the two holes.

Spring Weather DIY Craft

Time to decorate your kite! My kids loved coloring with markers and adding stickers!

Spring Weather DIY Craft

Before we tried our kite out we talked about focusing on the wind since you need it to help the kite fly.When she felt like it was a super big gust of wind, my daughter held her wide-open bag high in the air and took off ! She loved saying, “I don’t think that gust of wind was enough, or wow, that gust of wind helped my kite fly high!” Of course as soon as we went outside, the wind started to die down, but she was able to get some good air on her kite. After an hour it was time to come in for dinner, and my daughter eagerly asked “can we do this again?!”

Spring Weather DIY Craft

Inside or outside, whatever the weather brings, you’ll have a great time, celebrating all things Spring!

DIY Spring Weather Crafts