Start saving those TP tubes! The 4th of July is upon us and we’ve got two super-safe, toilet paper tube fireworks crafts guaranteed to light up your night. These crafts are perfect for all ages, so set up a table with all of your supplies and let the kids loose at your 4th of July celebration – no need to worry about sparklers or lighters – the scariest thing at this table will be kids with paint!

Super Stellar Stampers

DIY Super Safe Fireworks Supplies

What You’ll Need:

  • TP Tube
  • Red and Blue Paint
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper Plate (or Plastic Plate Covered with Tin Foil)
  • White Printer Paper
  • Paper Towels

What You’ll Do:

1. Cut your tube open from top to bottom lay it flat.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll open

2. Snip around the entire bottom edge.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll slits

3. Roll the tube tightly and tape it securely.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll wrapped

4. Bend the slits so they’re perpendicular to the tube.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll with event slits

5. Paint the splay of slits with one color of paint and press to the paper to make a print. You may need to press them down with your fingers. Lift and press to another spot on the page. Continue until you need more paint.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll with blue paint    DIY Super Safe Fireworks design

6. Rinse your brush and paint the splay with another color. Press your tube over the last color to make a multi-color firework burst. You can also paint different colors onto each “snip” for a super colorful burst.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks red and blue

7. Continue until the paper sky is covered with fireworks.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks mixed


TP Tube Firecrackers

What You’ll Need:

DIY Super Safe Fireworks supplies

  • TP Tube
  • Card Stock Paper or Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Red and Blue Paint
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Pipe Cleaners

What You’ll Do:

1. Stand the TP tube on the paper and trace around the end. Cut the circular piece you traced out, cutting just slightly outside the line you traced so the circle is just a little larger than the end of the tube.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll outline cutout    DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll outline

2. Paint the TP tube and the circular piece with patriotic colors, then sprinkle with glitter while the paint is still wet.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks colors    DIY Super Safe Fireworks tp roll with colors

3. Once the paint has dried, use the pencil or scissors to poke a small hole through the center of the circular piece. Wrap a sparkly pipe cleaner around your finger to give it some curl, then slip the end through the hole of the circular piece. Alternatively, paint one end of a cotton swap yellow and slip that through the hole to make your “fuse”.

DIY Super Safe Fireworks pipe cleaner

4. Run a ring of glue around the top of one end of the tube, place the end of the pipe cleaner or cotton swap into the tube, and press the circular piece to the glue to create a permanent top.


Save it for later!