Crack Open a Carton of Learning Fun!

Easter is almost here, and for many parents that involves the time-honored egg hunt. This year, why not put an empowering spin on your traditions by throwing an educational Easter egg hunt? The simple ideas below are fun ways to add a little bit of learning to a whole lot of fun!

The rainbow connection!

Practicing colors can be as easy as identifying the color of each egg as your child picks it up. “Look! You found another red one!”

Plastic eggs are the perfect tool for practicing color matching. When the hunt is done, simply crack the eggs open and scramble them up, then work with your child to match the same colored tops and bottoms.

Sorting whole eggs by color is another way to practice color names. Ask your child to find and place all the blue eggs in one spot, the red in another, etc.

You can also challenge older kids to hunt for specific colored eggs – say, start by finding all the yellow eggs, then the blue, then the green. PS – assigning a specific color to a specific child is a life-saver if you’ve got multiple kids who might fight over who found which egg first.

Count your chickens!

Sneak some number learning into your egg hunt by counting the eggs as your child finds them. “You found one egg! Oh! Now you have two eggs!” You can also count the eggs together once you’ve collected them all.

If you don’t mind writing on your plastic eggs, use a Sharpie to number your eggs in sequence before setting them out. Then help your child put them in order. Writing the same number on the top and bottom pieces of the egg and challenging your child to find and assemble matching numbers is another great way to work on number recognition.

Swap some of the candy treasures you traditionally hide inside the eggs with foam, magnetic, paper, or magnetic numbers. Help your child trace and say the name of each number as it’s found. Older kids can practice putting the numbers in order.

As with colors, numbering your eggs and challenging your children to search for a specific number not only practices number learning, but also eliminates arguments.

Learn those letters!

Hiding paper, foam, or magnetic letter shapes inside the eggs is another fun way to slip some learning into your holiday. As your child removes each letter, say its name and make its sound. Arrange the letters in order, then sing the alphabet song together, pointing to each letter as you say its name.

Again, if you don’t mind writing on your plastic eggs, use a Sharpie to write a capital letter on the top half and the corresponding lower case letter on the bottom and practice matching the two.

Turn your hunt into a learning game for older kids by challenging them to find an egg under something that starts with the letter “b” (bed) or on top of something that makes the sound “t” (table).

Rhyming clues are fun for kids who are learning to read. Tell them “You’ll find an egg of red underneath Mommy’s…?” and watch them race for your room.

Add Some Science!

The egg-shaped Beaker Creature Reactor Pods are a fun way to mix it up in your Easter hunt!  Swipe out some plastic eggs for a few Reactor Pods, and afterwards kids can have fun dissolving the fizzing pods in water to see what mysterious alien creature is inside. They can use the included classification card to observe the aliens’ characteristics and identify their name and family, or answer a quiz filled with amazing real-world science facts.

These simple activities are a wonderful way to make your Easter egg hunt last a little bit longer while slipping some learning fun into the day. You may even find that your kids enjoy the egg play so much they want to keep the eggs out for a few days. And why not?

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