So, we all know that an actual visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house is out of the question during this stay-at-home time.  That said, we have come up with some clever and creative ways you can have a virtual visit with grandparents!

Virtual Storytime

The one upside to these crazy times is that people of all ages are adopting video calling!  FaceTime or Zoom in your grandparent at a designated time each day and have them read your child a story.  Could be a “wake up story”, an “after-nap story” or a “bed time” story but it is a great way to stay in touch and be connected!


  • If you each have a copy of the book- your child and grandparent can take turns “reading”
  • Grandparents can help kids sound out letters or identifying animals, shapes or colors in the story book
  • Discuss! Once the story is over- take turns asking each other about the story- what was your favorite part? Did you think it would end that way?

Grandparent Interviews

Use this time as an opportunity for your kids to get to know their grandparents by “interviewing” them about their lives- questions like “What city were you born in?” “What year were you born?” can really foster an interesting dialogue.


  • Have the grandparents interview the kids: What is your favorite color? Who is your best friend? What is your favorite stuffed animal? What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Have kids ask the grandparents what their parent was like as a child. Like: What was my mom’s nickname?  What color was my mom’s bedroom? How old was my mom when she learned how to ride a bike? Did my mom get in trouble a lot?
  • Once the “interview” is over- ask the kids to draw a picture about what they learned- and take a picture and email or text it to the grandparents.

Old Photographs

Grandparents have lots of great memories!  Ask them to round up old family photos- including school photos of the parent, old pets, the house the parent grew up in,  aunts and uncles, and more.  Hop on a video call and let the grandparents hold the pictures up and explain each one.  If there are big group photos- ask the kids if they can identify Aunt Sarah or Uncle Will……it’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh and feel good- something we ALL need in these crazy times!


  • Have your kids draw a picture and the grandparents have to guess what it is
  • Have Mom or Dad pull out pictures and ask the grandparents if they remember who and when
  • Pull out a picture from the day your child was born and have the grandparent tell you about what they were doing when they heard the news and the first time they met you!