Summer has arrived!

School is out, the weather is warm, and the days are long. Do you have plans to keep you and your kids (and their brains!) busy over the next few months? Ensure that you are getting the most out of this summer by creating a smart bucket list with the family!

Bucket List Family Summer DIY

Get creative and draw out pictures, cut and paste from a magazine, or use stickers to illustrate your summer bucket list. Write out everything you and your family would like to do together and make it into a fun collage. Be sure to involve fun learning activities to keep the kids’ brains active during these next few months!

DIY Family Summer Bucket List

Here are a list of 50 ideas to help you get started on your list – a little art, a little entertainment, a little science, and a lot of family fun.


  1. Take a family trip to the zoo
  2. Head to the beach
  3. Go on a Nature Hunt, collecting items you see along the way
  4. Head to the library for story-time
  5. Have a backyard BBQ
  6. Make some slime!
  7. Play at local parks
  8. Have a “car wash”  with toy cars in the kiddie pool
  9. Go camping in the backyard
  10. Create art with sidewalk chalk
  11. Make a water play station
  12. Go out for frozen yogurt
  13. Make an outdoor obstacle course
  14. Play with pom poms in the pool
  15. Go bike riding on a trail
  16. Make a construction site in the sandbox
  17. Go on a boat ride
  18. Go to the mall on a rainy day
  19. Make DIY sidewalk chalk paint
  20. Play with Magnetic Tiles on the Garage Door
  21. Go to an outdoor concert
  22. Mix up Oobleck with corn starch and water
  23. Go fishing for toys with a bug net in the kiddie pool
  24. Go to a splash pad
  25. Make a giant painting together
  26. Play board games
  27. Make cookies together
  28. Go to a baseball game
  29. Make a fort with blankets
  30. Watch fireworks at a festival
  31. Build an outdoor ramp for toy vehicles
  32. Draw a sidewalk chalk city with roads and buildings
  33. Paint with sensory balls
  34. Have a water balloon toss
  35. Go to the local museum
  36. Go see a movie at the theater
  37. Make a paper plate fish craft
  38. Do an ice excavating experiment!
  39. Go strawberry picking
  40. Wash toy farm animals in the kiddie pool
  41. Run through the sprinkler
  42. Go to a parade
  43. Make fruit smoothies
  44. Go to the local swimming pool
  45. Make an ice cream cone sensory bin with bowls, cones and pom poms
  46. Make homemade flour paint with flour, food coloring and water!
  47. Plant a tree
  48. Make lemonade with fresh lemons
  49. Go fishing off a dock
  50. Have a picnic at the park!

Summer Bucket List

I hope this is enough to get you started on your own family bucket lists.

Bucket List

Hopefully you found plenty of ideas that you and your kids can enjoy together. Now, go and create your own fun and creative bucket list and enjoy some family bonding time this summer!