As we continue to learn and adapt during our time spent working and learning from home, it’s important to establish a workable daily routine. For instance, taking a walk as part of your daily schedule is a great way to reconnect with nature and get a little much-needed exercise. However, walking around the same neighborhood streets, while necessary at the moment, might get a little boring after a while. If that happens, check out these fun, easy recommendations for adding a little curiosity and excitement to your everyday strolls.

Scavenger Hunts!

With a little planning beforehand, turning your walks into a mini-scavenger hunt can be an easy way to keep kids interested and engaged. Before you leave the house, draw up a short list of items and sights you expect to find on your walk; ideally, there will be a mix of easy (pebbles! sticks!) and more difficult (a house painted yellow! an alley cat!) items on your list. As you walk, have your kids keep track of all the things they spot. If you want to keep the fun going, draw up a long list and make it an ongoing project, or add new items every few days!

Letter Lookout

As far as prep goes, this one’s even easier: at the beginning of every walk, pick a letter of the alphabet. As you proceed on your stroll, have your kids call out the names of items and sights that begin with the letter of the day. With 26 letters to choose from, you’re good for almost a whole month of walks with just this game alone!

Avoid the Cracks!

This one’s a classic. When you’re out for your walk, see if you and your kids can avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk or other natural roadblocks. Whoever can avoid the cracks the longest wins! In addition to adding a little whimsical competition to your walks, this one’s also a great way to work on balance and coordination!

Nature Identification

This option will probably be educational for both you and your kids. As you go for your walks, take pictures of the trees, flowers, and animals that you see as you go. When you get home, try to match the pictures with examples you find online. As you go, share some fun facts about each sample with the family. This is a great way to become more familiar with your natural surroundings, and to teach your kids about the plants and animals that live close by!

Snap a Picture

Walking Storytime

In addition to the natural wonders of your neighborhood, there are plenty of creatures living nearby inside your imagination! As you walk, look for interesting natural sights, from gnarled old trees to fragrant flower gardens to small streams. When you see one, have your kids make up a story about gnomes, fairies, or other fantasy creatures who might live there. If you want to get them started, feel free to make up a story or two of your own. When you’re playing pretend, there are no wrong answers, so get as funky as you’d like!


At Learning Resources, we’re here to help you make the best of this challenging time. Stay safe and healthy, and check back with our blog for more tips and learning ideas as the situation unfolds.