We’ve fallen in love with Beaker Creatures this summer!

These wacky and cute guys have been a wonderful way to introduce science concepts to my young daughters. I quickly discovered there are so many things you can do with the creatures after the reactor pods have been used. One of our favorites is sensory bins!
Sensory Bin
I decided to create an arctic sensory bin where the girls could explore the Frostonians habitat. This was also a way that I could encourage a conversation about cold climate animals and environments on earth.
Sensory Bin Toys
The night before the activity, I filled a few balloons with water, baking soda, liquid watercolors and a Frostonians character. I also soaked some water beads in a container.
Sensory Bin
When it was time to set up the activity, I put cotton balls in one third of the bin, a container with ice water in the middle, and shaving cream in the other side. I placed the frozen Frostonians pods on top of the cotton balls. I then added arctic animals and the water beads to the shaving cream.
Then I filled a few squirt bottles with warm water and vinegar. The combination of the vinegar water and frozen baking soda balloons creates a reaction much like the original reactor pods! I’ve been using this combination for years and the girls always find it so entertaining.
It’s also a wonderful way to introduce simple science concepts (such a chemical reactions and changing water state) to your little one.
Sensory Bin

The girls were so excited to walk out on our deck and see the sensory bin!

They immediately took to squirting the frozen pods in order to free the Frostonians. As they experimented more, they realized they could also place the pods in the water container to melt off some of the extra ice. Once the Frostonians were free, they spent over an hour playing together!
Sensory Bin

Sensory bins allow little ones to learn in meaningful ways and are so important for early childhood education!

They foster creativity and offer open-ended play experiences. They also teach practical life skills (scooping, filling, dumping), play skills (cooperative play), and encourage language development (putting their experiences into words).
Sensory Bin
I know that the associated mess can sometimes be a deterrent for parents, but I promise that the benefits for learning far outweigh the negatives. To battle the mess, we often do sensory bins outdoors or spread a vinyl tablecloth on the floor.
Sensory Bin
If you’ve never created a sensory bin for your child I encourage you to try it! They can be as simple as a bin of water with a few toys, or more complex! Either way, you’ll be providing a fun, engaging and memorable learning experience for your little one.
Sensory Ice Tray
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