More Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth!

Meet the Bytebots, they are a robotic bunch that love all things technology!
We brought in robotics expert, Zac Barkley, to tell us more about the Bytebots’ and how to care for your new friends!
 Beaker Creatures Robot

The Bytebots just got to Earth; how long have our planet’s robots been around?

“Robots have been around for about 65 years. The first robot was made to pick up very hot metal plates for GM. However, robots have been mentioned and dreamed about for many centuries.”

If my Bytebot wanted to meet some real robots, where would he go?

“Robots are everywhere on Earth! You can find them in the sky taking pictures of the land below. If you check warehouses or mailrooms you can  find them sorting mail and packages. They are also at toy stores helping kids learn to code at early ages. You can even find them in space!”

Beaker Creatures Robots

What are some jobs that robots here on Earth are good at?

“Robots do an awesome job with so much! They do hazardous jobs at factories to keep humans safe. This includes building, welding, and lifting heavy or hot objects. They are also great at helping hospitals and doctors complete difficult surgeries and operations!”

How do you get robots to do the jobs you want them to do?

“Robots are programmed by humans to do repetitive tasks that might be dangerous for a human to do. With new technology and artificial intelligence becoming more advanced, robots are actually learning and teaching themselves!”

Beaker Creatures Robots

How will robots evolve in the future?

“Soon robots will begin learning to drive, and take over taxi services and long haul trucking. With the advance of humanoid robots and AI, robots will soon act as human companions/butlers with their own unique personalities. Robots can almost do anything a human can!”

Thanks for the awesome robotics information Zac! Be sure to check out all of the Beaker Creatures families here!

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