More Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth!

Meet the Dogstars, they are a friendly bunch that love frisbees, bones, and tennis balls! We brought in a vet tech & dog expert, Rayne Elliott, to answer some questions and tell us more about the Dogstars’ and how to care for your new friends!

Beaker Creatures

Is my Dogstar sick if his nose is cold and wet?

“Dogstar noses are like human armpits- sometimes they’re wet, sometimes they’re warm, but you can’t tell if someone is sick just by their armpits! You should check how your Dogstar is feeling with a stethoscope and a thermometer, and by taking them to the veterinarian.”

Beaker Creatures Dogs

How can I tell when my Dogstar is happy to see me?

“Dogstars are always happy to see their people! You can tell they’re happy because they jump up and down, wag their tail, or run to see you! Some Dogstars will even get so excited that they bark, too. That is them saying hi!”

My Dogstar eats kibble made of moon rocks; what kind of things should Earth dogs eat?

“Earth dogs eat kibble too, but instead of moon rocks it’s made out of meat and vegetables! It is very important to feed your dog and Dogstars the right thing so they can live their best life!”

Dogstar dogs

How did we get so many different breeds of dogs (and Dogstars)?

“Dogs and Dogstars love to make their humans happy by doing jobs for them, like chasing rats or birds or being a good cuddler. Some dogs are really long so they can reach into a hole, and some dogs are big and fluffy so they can keep their humans warm. There are a lot of different breeds of Dogstars because they are all good at different jobs!”

Dogstar Dogs

Why do humans and Dogstars get along so well?

“Humans and Dogstars have gotten along together since before anyone can remember! Humans are really smart and can build houses with tools. Dogstars are excellent protectors and can run really fast. Dogstars love how comfy it is inside houses with humans, and humans appreciated how easy it was to hunt for food with Dogstars. Even though we don’t need them to hunt for food anymore, we found out that Dogstars are a person’s best friend. No matter who you are or what you like to do, there is always a Dogstar who will love you and want to do everything with you!”

Thanks for the awesome information Rayne! Dogstars truly are a human’s best friend!

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