More Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth!

Meet the Firelytes, they are a warm bunch that love all things fire! We brought in fire expert, Micah Montondo, to tell us more about the Firelytes’ and how to care for your new friends!
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What does my Firelyte need to eat to keep his flames hot and bright?

“Something that they would love to feast on would be magma from a volcano! Fire needs a lot of oxygen to feel full, water is the enemy! If you melt rock at SUPER hot temperatures, that is a great protein smoothie for the Firelytes.”

If my Firelyte gets overheated, what’s the best way to put him out?

“Water is a great way to cool down a Firelyte. Be sure to really soak him to make sure he cools down. You can also use a blanket or lid to cover your Firelyte. Cutting off the oxygen is another great way to put fires out.”

Beaker Creatures Fire

If I wanted to build my Firelyte a fire-resistant house, what kind of material should I use?

“No wood allowed! A solid rock fortress would protect him. All of the furniture would have to be made of stones or brick too. Then you could spray it with anti-resistant foam for them to be extra cozy.”


What are some ways that humans use fire in their daily lives?

“Humans use fire in so many ways! They use it to eat their food, such as grilling burgers and hot dogs. People also use fire to stay warm at home during cold months. They also use fire at their jobs to melt material like metal that we couldn’t do ourselves!”


What are the most important rules to remember to stay safe around fire?

“Always be sure you have working smoke detectors.  Also, knowing what to do if there is a fire by creating a plan with your family. Be sure you know who to call if you ever see a fire, and let the firefighters handle it! They are your friends!”

Thanks for the hot fire facts Micah! Get to know all the other new Beaker Creatures families here! Which one is your favorite?

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