More Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth!

Meet the new Beaker Creatures the Swampoids! A slimy bunch that loves all things outdoors and swampy! We brought in environmental specialist, Emilie Hunn, and asked her some questions to help us learn more about our new friends!

Beaker Creatures Swamp

What gives the Swampoid’s swampy planet its stinky smell?

“On the Swampoid’s swamp planet, dead plants are broken down by bacteria and fungi which adds nutrients back to the soil. During this process stinky gasses are released and that is what gives the swampy planet that stinky smell.”

If my Swampoid wanted to visit a swamp here on Earth, where should it go?

“They should head to the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana. It is the largest swamp in the United States and is home to over 200 different wildlife species!”

What makes swamps such slimy places?

“Swamps are slimy places because they are flooded with water for at least part of the year. The soil and plants in these swamps have learned to live in these conditions making them slimier than usual.”

swamp Beaker Creatures

What are some adaptations that Earth’s animals have for living in swampy places?

“In order to adapt to these swampy environments, some animals have dark or dirty coloring. This helps them blend in with the dark swamp and less likely to get attacked by a predator. Other swamp animals have developed special gills to help them breathe when they are under water or webbed feet to help them move through the mud.”


Why are wetlands an important part of the environment?

“Wetlands are very important parts of the environment as they are home to many of Earth’s rarest plants and animals. On top of that they help to store water protecting us from flooding and help to filter water making it clean and drinkable. Many wetlands offer outdoor activities like fishing, bird-watching, and paddling. Go visit a wetland today!”


Thanks Emilie! We loved learning more about our slimy new friends the Swampoids! Check out the rest of the Beaker Creatures families here! 

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