National Grandparents Day is celebrated in September each year and taking the time to acknowledge our loved ones is so important! It can be as elaborate as hosting a special event or as simple as making a homemade handprint card!

Whether you’re a teacher looking to celebrate with your class or a parent looking for something for your children to make for their grandparents, this DIY card is sure to make grandparents’ hearts swoon! It’s budget friendly and easy to do!


In order to get started, you’ll need the list of materials below. Feel free to add your personal touch to this design as well. It would also look wonderful with stickers or a dash of glitter!


  • 8” x 11” Construction paper (color selection is up to the child)
  • Paint
  • Red construction paper hearts (precut to varying sizes)
  • Permanent markers
  • Washable markers

 Something to keep in mind when providing construction paper and paint color options for the kids is to encourage them to choose a contrast in hues to allow for a clear final product. You’ll want those handprints and writing to really pop!

First, hold the construction paper landscape and fold the paper in half. Allow children to write a greeting on the front of the card with washable markers. After, open the card and place the child’s left handprint on the left flap and their right handprint on the right flap. Allow at least 24 hours to dry before completing the card. If needed, don’t forget to mark their name somewhere.

After completely drying, children should list 10 reasons why they love their grandparent/s as seen on the image above. They can either write their own or have an adult scribe for them. Be sure to use permanent markers to write on top of the paint. Then, add paper hearts in the middle of each palm print and the title “10 Reasons I Love You” somewhere on the inside.

Grandparents and parents cherish anything with children handprints on them. Not only is this a card, but a keepsake for years to come. Looking to pair this activity with a read aloud? Check out the suggestions below!

Save it for later!