Are you as excited about Halloween as we are? I decided to create a spooky Halloween Science Lab for my daughters as a fun and educational way to get into the Halloween spirit. Weve really enjoyed projects with both our Yuckology! Slime Lab and Yumology! Sweets Lab, so I thought it would be fun to do similar projects, but with a Halloween twist. I let the girls look through the activity guide and select the projects they were interested in. 

Juicy Ice Pops

The first treat they decided to make were Juicy Ice Pops. We selected the juice flavor and Halloween colors they wanted and then took turns making popsicles. We talked about what we thought would happen to the juice once it went into the freezer and what would happen once we took the frozen pops back out. 

Juicy Color Mixing & Frozen Yogurt Gems

Next, they chose to make the Juicy Color Mixing and Frozen Yogurt Gems. They discussed the colors that they wanted and then figured out what colors they would need to mix together to get the desired result. Once they successfully created their dyed juice mixtures, they dropped it into their gem trays. 

Yogurt Gems

To make their Yogurt Gems, they used their chopper to cut up strawberries, mix them with yogurt, and add some spooky orange food coloring. We talked again about the changes that would take place to all of the liquid treats we had just made and then popped them into the freezer. Next, the girls chose their Yuckology! projects. We first worked together to make Delightful DIY Dough. Measuring ingredients is a fun and significant element of cooking – its also a great way to practice important math skills like counting and fractions! We followed the directions, adding in a little orange coloring, and before we knew it, we had created a big ball of Halloween play dough. It was really fun to watch the liquid ingredients change into a solid ball of dough in only a few seconds on the stove. 


While we let our play dough cool, we started on our final project: Ooey, Gooey Slime. We measured out corn starch and poured it into the muck mixer. Next, we added in dish soap and purple food coloring and began to mix our ingredients. As the slime began to form, we added a pump of hand soap and our ooey, gooey creation was complete. 

The girls took turns putting the slime through the slime strainer and we watched as the slime went from a solid ball to liquid strings and a puddle below. 

The next hour was spent enjoying our Halloween play dough, spooky slime, and eventually, our delicious frozen treats. 

As we correctly predicted, our frozen pops and gems returned to a liquid state as we popped them in our mouths. 

Our Halloween Science Lab turned out to be a lot of fun! It was a great way to explore various STEAM concepts while also getting into the holiday spirit. 


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