Need some suggestions for a cavity-free, allergy-free, calorie-free holiday? Get your creative juices flowing with these treat alternatives that are great for trick-or-treaters, classroom parties, special friends, and more!

Keep an eye out

Think outside of the candy aisle and browse all around the stores you visit. Any small, affordable toy, like yo-yos, bouncy balls, and bubbles will put a smile on kids’ faces.

Let the fun continue

Small costume elements like fake mustaches, vampire teeth, tattoos and spider rings let kids continue dressing up and celebrating long after Halloween is just a memory.

Cook up a witch’s brew

Offer up your non-food treats with a little dramatic flair! Fill a plastic witch’s cauldron with cute and creepy bug toys for trick-or-treaters. For extra eeriness, drop a couple of glow sticks at the bottom of your cauldron and stir it with a skeleton hand. Or make a party game of it by having kids use grabbers to pick up a “nasty” centipede or spider without touching it.

Practical magic

When the spooktacular night is over, life goes back to normal. But useful items like Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, bookmarkers and other school supplies allow the experience to linger a little longer.

Add lights and sound

Add spooky chills to your party with Buzzers and Bleeperz that make all sorts of silly sounds or recordable howls and screeches. Also, consider giving out kazoos, clackers, and glow-in-the dark bracelets so kids can be seen and heard in the dark!

Put out a teal pumpkin

Let trick-or-treaters and their parents know that you have treat alternatives that are safe for kids with food allergies by placing teal-painted pumpkins on your porch or by your front door. Learn more here.

Don’t be surprised if you house becomes one of the most popular destinations every year!

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