The summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to start thinking about “Back to School” for your kids! Whether they’re heading off to preschool, 1st or 5th grade – they’ll be in need of healthy snacks and lunches to get them through their school day.

Here are some GREAT healthy food hacks to help you prepare, and encourage even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy some healthy snacks during their school day.

1.) Use a fun Bento Lunchbox

Many have separate compartments, and can even hold both hot and cold food. This way, there’s no limit on what you’re able to send – and guarantees that you’ll have options, even for picky eaters.

Healthy School

2.) Cut your fruit into fun shapes

Strawberries make the cutest hearts, and all you have to do is cut in at an angle when cutting off the stems.

Healthy Lunch School

3.) Pack a yogurt parfait full of fruit, seeds and flax

I’ve found that most kids love yogurt. And, yogurt can be a great place to pack in extra nutrients that your kids may not otherwise eat. I like to add berries, pumpkin seeds and flax seed to a yogurt parfait for little ones.

Healthy School Lunch

4.) Hide your veggies in a sandwich

Kids don’t always love eating vegetables on their own. Try putting some mashed up avocado on your little ones turkey or cheese sandwich. It blends in, adds lots of nutrition, and plenty of flavor!

Healthy Lunch

5.) Make a banana sandwich

Kids love bananas! Make this another way to pop in some protein by adding some sunflower seed butter in the middle of two banana halves.

Healthy Lunch

6.) Use colorful silicone cupcake liners to hold healthy proteins like pumpkin seeds

Nuts are a no-no these days, especially at schools. But, it’s still important to pack on the protein. Try some pumpkin or sunflower seeds in a cute, reusable cupcake liner – these colorful containers can be very inviting for children!

Healthy Lunch School

7.) Cut your fruits and veggies into small pieces

Kids get distracted, but these small bites are easy to pop in their mouths, and I’ve found that kids are more likely to eat them this way.

Healthy School Lunch

8.) Pack a smoothie

Another great way to hide veggies – blend some spinach and avocado into a smoothie along with some apple and banana to sweeten it. Your kids will never taste the veggies!

Healthy School Lunch

9.) Send them off with a bottled fruit drink

This is arguably the easiest way to sneak in some veggies. There are plenty of snack pouches and bottles on the market that taste like delicious fruit but are packing the nutritional veggies as well.

Healthy Lunch

10.) Stick some fun food Food Picks into your sandwiches

There are so many adorable food pick options to go along with your kids’ lunches. Some cute animal picks make these sandwich sections look extra delicious.

School Lunch

Hopefully, these 10 hacks will make the back to school transition easier for you and your kids, and give you some ideas that will help you pack a nutritional lunch or snack that they will love.