I’m the newest member of the Learning Resources family and I’m here to introduce your little learner to coding in a fun, friendly way. You may be wondering why should my child learn to code? Well, there are SO many reasons, but here are just a few:

  • Coding fosters creativity
  • Develops problem solving and critical thinking
  • Prepares kids for the world we live in today
  • Coding is fun!

Kids playing with botley

I can help children as young as 5 begin to learn coding but with my advanced features I grow with their skills as well. So we’ll have many, many fun years together. Yay!


When you choose me you choose to teach your kids core coding concepts in a hands-on, screen free way. I require no phone, tablet or app! All you need to code me is my easy to use remote programmer, which transmits your commands directly to me. And that’s not all – I have a 77-piece activity set – and I’m the only robot to offer that! Included are coding cards, detachable arms, interactive obstacles and more! What else could you ask for?


Code me for simple tasks or challenge me with more advanced maneuvers. I can move in patterns, detect objects, be programmed for if/then logic, follow looping commands and navigate obstacle courses.


How do I detect objects you may wonder? It’s really pretty simple. You use my object detection button, and when I see an object I will know to stop! Want me to react to an object? Then you need to code me to make sure I go around whatever is in my path.  How about having some fun together? Set up an obstacle course for me to take on. I’m always up for a challenge!

Botley Black Line

I also enjoy long walks on black lines. Switch me to the line mode and I can follow the black lines you lay out from my activity set, or you can draw ones on paper yourself!


That’s not all I make fun playful sounds too! I can say “hi,” whistle or get if you get me spinning and you can hear me go “whoaaaa.” I even have hidden features you can discover to hear more of my sounds!


I promise to spend many playful and educational years with your child. I’m truly an interactive introduction to step-by-step coding. Children will be challenged, entertained, delighted and learn all at the same time. And I’m sure to provide hours of open play while promoting critical thinking.


To get to know me even better and to see all the fun, cool things I can do visit LearningResources.com/Botley!