We called upon our pediatrician expert- Dr. Josh Levin, also a dad of 3 daughters ages 8, 6 and 2, to understand how he is going keep his kids learning at home and healthy when schools shut down.

Get Out and Play

“Physical activity is essential for kids” says Dr. Levin, “it helps develop strength, agility and balance in addition to just being a great way to get the energy out.”  What about a trip to the park during these school cancelled days?  Josh says: “I’’ll definitely take my kids to the park, that said, if you get there and are there are lots of kids coughing, probably best to head home.”

Get Creative

“Art projects are a great way to get kids creative juices flowing” Josh says.  His 3 daughters love to draw, paint and make jewelry, “and they do not even realize that all these activities are great for fine motor- holding a crayon or a paintbrush, and putting a bead on a piece of string are great to develop tactile strength.”

Making up stories is another way to let kids use their imagination.  At the Levin house, each girl takes a turn telling a story, and one of the parents writes it down.  Then each girl illustrates their story and “reads” it out loud back to the family, “It’s a great way to build vocabulary, letter recognition, and fine motor…and it’s lots of fun!” says Josh. If you’re needing ice breaker question ideas, check out these Conversation Cubes.

SEL Conversation Cubes toy

Logic and problem solving skills are developed at the Levin house as well “We get out the boxes, tape and string and let kids make their own musical instruments” says Josh, “The most fun part is when the girls play their instruments and host a dance party to their own music.”

Make it a Family Affair

Instead of family game night- make it family game day when school is cancelled!  At Josh’s house “ Sum Swamp and Slam Ships! are favorites- and kids of all ages can play and not even realize that they are learning logic and early.”  But the most favorite activity at the Levin house?  “Puzzles- without a doubt, they are fantastic for spatial learning and fine motor- and more complicated puzzles are a great way for my older daughter to help out her younger sisters”.

Sum Swamp™ Addition & Subtraction Game

Math is Everywhere

“There are so many easy ways to teach counting at home” says Josh. “My girls get out blocks and line them up in rows and count them, or they stack them, count them and knock them down….and do it all over again.”

Thanks Josh!