Many parents are searching for a way to keep their kids entertained and connected with friends and relatives during these changing times. Luckily, we are here to help, with an educational twist! Here are some ways to play printable games available on our Learn@Home page while keeping a distance over video chat.  

Bingo Games  

Playing Bingo over video chat could not be simpler. Designate one person as the bingo caller, and have each participant play with a different bingo card. While the caller announces the numbers and/or letter, players mark their cards, and the first person to get a line wins! For more possibilities, add different variations of bingo, such as a coverall or an “X”.  

Alphabet Bingo Game

Apple ABC  Game 

Board Games  

Board games seem to be more popular than ever these days, and those with and educational component are even more beneficial. It is very easy to play our printable board games over video call. Much like playing in person, begin by making sure that every participant understands the rules. Next, take turns moving around the board in accordance to the game play instructions, and continue until a winner is decided.  

Printable Board Games Available:

All Around the Playground Game 
Barnyard Chorus Game 
Number Fun Farm Game 
Outer Space Colors & Shapes 
Picnic Party Game 
Rhyme Frenzy Game 
Season Snapshot Match-Up 
Time to Rhyme Game 
Word Construction Game 
Blend Squares Game 
Dino Phonics Game 
High Seas ADDventure Game 
Leaping Letters Game 
Math Express Game 
Treasure Math Game 
Watch Dog Game 


Flash Cards 

A tried and true standby for helping grasp concepts such as addition, subtraction and sight words. Making them into a game can help kids get more excited to practice these subjects. Designate one person to hold up the flash card. The participants can compete in a couple different ways 

  • Have the players take turns answering questions and total up scores at the end 
  • Have players see how many they can answer correctly in a row 
  • Use answer buzzers to see who can ring in first and answer correctly 

Flash Cards Available:

ABC Flash Cards 
Addition Flash Cards 
Coin Cut Out 
Colors & Shapes Flash Cards 
Money Bills Cut Out 
Numbers Flash Cards 
Phonics Flash Cards 
Same or Different Flash Cards 
Sight Word Flash Cards 
Subtraction Flash Cards 
Money Flash Cards 
United States Flash Cards 
Multiplication & Division Flash Cards 


Puzzle Games 

Puzzle games can be a great way for the players to work together, or compete with each other. Have one person show one side of the puzzle and have the players see who can find the correct card first.  Alternatively, have the players take turns and see how many they can answer correctly in a row.  

Puzzle Games Available:

Bucket of Berries Math Game 
Counting Cookies Game 
Money Puzzle Cards 
Watermelon Math Game 
What’s My Change Puzzle Cards 
I Sea 10! Math Game 
I Sea 20! Math Game 
Multiplication Dominoes Game 
Multiplication Dominoes Game 2 
POP for Addition & Subtraction Game 
Spelling Bee Game 
Time Flies Game