Straight from the Source: Dads Talk Fatherhood

Nobody can say it quite like Dad. Their advice and guidance through the years has helped shape each of us, and hopefully still does. Read below to see what these dads have to say about their dad journey! It is fun, wild, crazy, but most of all rewarding!

Father's Day Quotes

What do you find to be the most surprising part about fatherhood?

“I can’t believe how much work it all is, but I am always surprised at how much I love every minute of it. The work and reward completely balance each other out.”

-Andy, 39, father of two

“Besides how quickly I learned to function on limited sleep, I have been surprised by how much I enjoy being goofy just to see my kids laugh and smile.”

-Dave, 42, father of two

“How does an 12-pound person have so…much…stuff? Rocker, basinet, crib, pack-and-play, changing station, swing, that other swing…the list is endless. Just for one overnight at Grandma’s the car looks like we are leaving him for a month.”

-Manuel, 28, father of one

Father's Day Quotes 

“I just can’t believe how tiring it is…and how awesome.”

-Dennis, 40, father of four

“When my 4 year-old hollers and shouts for hours on end with me, and then the babysitter tells me he was a quiet, perfect angel all afternoon. How does that work?”

-Noah, 32, father of one

“The biggest surprise I have had being a father is seeing how different my children are from each other and from us as parents. It’s also what I enjoy most – watching them establish their own personalities and become who they are.”

-Mike, 38, father of three


There are so many great things about being a father. What’s the best?

“The first time they really laugh at one of your jokes – like a real, inside joke. That’s the best.”

-Bob, 42, father of two

“When you see something they’ve been struggling with all of a sudden click, like riding a two-wheeled bike, multiplication tables, etc. The light goes on and they never look back.”

-John Paul, 45, father of four

Dad Father's Day

“I just love the ability to see the world through their eyes. Their innocence not only leads to some hilarious one-liners, but is also a breath of fresh air in this crazy world.”

-Eric, 35, father of two

“That even though you seem to lose them sometimes – especially those teenagers – they always find their way ‘home’. Then you know you’ve done your job.”

-Harry, 58, father of three


What has been the most rewarding part of being a father?

“It is definitely watching your kids grown up to be happy, responsible, and well-adjusted adults.  It’s like a reward for having put in all that effort.”

-Wilbur, 74, father of two, grandfather of four

“Knowing that you are passing on to the next generation the wisdom and experiences from what your grandfather and father taught you is by far the most rewarding.”

-Wes, 41, father of two

Father's Day Quotes

“Having the love, support, devotion, and respect I always showed them when they were young come back today, combined with watching them with their own kids, passing those same things along in these formative years.”

-Robert, 66, father of five, grandfather of five

Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to each and every Dad out there!