We had our very own Hour of Code event at Learning Resources, and the results were amazing!

What is The Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is an international movement that is designed to introduce coding and computer science to young children and teens everywhere! It takes place every year during the Computer Science Education Week. This is a great way to get kids excited about STEM fields that are continuing to grow every year.

We set up 6 stations of coding fun for kids and parents in the local area to come and get their code on!

Station 1: Botley The Coding Robot!

Challenge: Code Botley to get the ball to the goal!

Botley Robot Hour of Code

Botley the Coding Robot made his way onto the VIP list for this event! Kids coded Botley to try to find his way through an intricate maze!


Station 2: Code and Go Robot Mouse!

Challenge: Help Colby the mouse find the cheese!

Robot Mouse Hour of Code

Coding with a Squeak! Kids set up Code and Go Robot Mouse for this station. They had a blast setting up paths for the mouse get to the cheese.


Station 3: Mouse Mania Board Game!

Challenge: The player who collects the most cheese wedges wins!

Mouse Mania Hour of Code

Games were the main event at this station! Kids battled against each other in our Mouse Mania Board Game!


Station 4: Let’s Go Code!

Challenge: Figure out the coding pattern and code your body to get to your robot.

Coding Hour of Code STEM

At this station the kids were able to decorate their very own robot! This was a great way to bring art into the coding world. They were also able to move around with the Let’s Go Code game, which is a great tool for kinetic learners!


Station 5: Robot Challenges 

Challenge: Botley Bowling and The Great Cheese Challenge!

Botley Hour of Code

Cheese Hour of Code

This station was jam packed with games that got you out of your seat! We set up Botley Bowling, where the kids coded Botley to knock down pins with a bowling ball. We also had the kids create a giant mouse set and race to see who could get the cheese first! There were many winners and even more smiling faces!


Station 6: STEM Exploration 

Mixing crafting and coding together was what this station was all about! We had coloring sheets, gears construction, and jewelry making that all had to do with STEM and coding. Check out these great bracelets the kids coded using their birth dates!

 Coding Bracelet Craft Hour of Code

We hope we have inspired you to go have your very own Hour of Code!

Hour of Code