Spring has sprung, full of colorful flowers and fresh air, and, for many of us, Easter eggs! In addition to being a wonderful time to spend with friends and family, Easter offers all kinds of artistic inspiration. Mimic the fun of dying Easter eggs, with a bit of fine motor practice thrown in, with our Lovely Lacing Easter Egg craft!



1. Using a pencil, sketch a rough oval onto a sheet of heavy card stock or poster board.

Lacing, Easter, Egg, DIY, Craft

2. Carefully cut the oval out using scissors or an Exacto knife. Then trim the edges so your egg is smooth.

1. Carefully cut the oval out using scissors or an Exacto knife. Then trim the edges so your egg is smooth.

3. Let younger children go to town, painting their eggs however they like. Challenge older kids to draw and paint their own pattern of stripes, zig zags, or polka dots. Patterning is fun and it’s a perfect way to practice a key early math skill!

Lacing, Easter, Eggs, CraftLacing, Easter, Egg, Craft

4.When your paint is dry, use a hole punch, barbecue skewer, or sturdy pen to punch holes along the edge of your egg, making sure they’re at least an inch from the edge.

Lacing, Easter, Egg, Craft

5. Use a few pieces of tape to secure one end of a length of yarn to the back of your “egg” and thread the other end through a kid-friendly plastic needle. If you don’t have one of these, you can also twist the loose end of the yarn and wrap it with tape to form a “pointy” end that will thread through your holes.

Lacing, Easter, Egg, CraftLacing, Easter, Egg, Craft

6. Demonstrate the ins and outs of lacing to your child by lacing the edge of the egg, taking the yarn down through one hole and up through the next. Then encourage your child to try.

Lacing, Easter, Egg, Craft

7. When they’re done, unthread the yarn, leaving the taped end attached to the back, and store until the next time your little one feels like lacing.

Lacing is an easy way to build fine motor skills. Our Lovely Lacing Easter Eggs result in a beautiful craft you’ll be proud to display. Crack open a carton of springtime smarts today!

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