Father’s Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time for your kids to craft cute custom cards for Dad! Need some inspiration? How about starting with a pun? The same puns that make adults groan send kids into giggles, and that will have dad laughing too! Puns may seem simple, but they require kids to process the sound and meaning of words twice and make creative connections. Like other forms of play, wordplay helps kids practice and strengthen their skills, in this case, developing their language skills. And they’ll have a lot of fun doing it. So in that spirit, we present a whole host of ideas below as your Father’s Day pun stop shop! 

Golden Pop-portunity

Consider it a gift to all punsters that another name for father is “pop.” With that single word, your kids can create clever cards for the next half decade or so. The first thing to pop into our minds was the name of a certain brand of toaster pastries. We started by drawing the toaster, then realized it would be doubly punny to make the toaster pastries literally pop off the card. So we created the paper pastries from a separate sheet of cardstock, then attached each with tape and a small piece of paper folded zigzag fashion. Decorating the pastries was a blast, laying on a thick coat of acrylic paint as icing, then dipping the end of a popsicle stick in different colors of paint to dot on the sprinkles. Inside the card kids can add a message that’s a toast to dad, listing all the qualities they love about him.

Can’t stop, more pop!

Encourage your kids to create their own pop art with these other puns on the word pop.

“You’re One Cool Pop!” Draw or paint a colorful popsicle with a face, and cool accessories like sunglasses or a mustache.

“You’re the Bomb, Pop!” Illustrate with a great big red, white, and blue popsicle.

“You’re Top of the Pops!” Think popcorn, and you’ll be bursting with fresh ideas. Draw a classic red and white popcorn box toward the bottom of the card, then let the kids create popcorn using a cotton ball dipped in yellow paint as a stamp. Make sure the biggest, best piece of popcorn is on top and give it a happy face.

“World’s Best Pop” You can draw a classic cola bottle on the card then let your kids paint inside the lines using the color of paint that matches Dad’s favorite soda pop flavor. (Brown, orange, purple, or lime green.) Let the kids create lots of perfect “bubbles” by dipping a straw in white paint and dabbing it inside the bottle, and coming out the top. Go the extra mile by gluing a colorful bendy straw to the card as if it’s coming out of the bottle.

Sweet sentiments

Pair Dad’s favorite candy plus the best puns your kids can think of for sweet cards that can’t be beat. For the dad who loves Swedish Fish, we punned “fish” with “wish.” You could also make a pun on “Swedish” and “sweetest” and get just as many laughs. The names of most candies, in fact, can be turned into several puns, so consider these ideas as thought starters for your kids’ creativity.

“Love You to Pieces, Dad” Reese’s Pieces

“Thanks for Raisin’ Me, Dad!” Raisinets, Reisin or even a box of raisins

“Nobody’s Butter Than You, Dad” Butterfinger

“Dad, you make me BURST with Pride!” Starburst

“I Skor’d a Great Dad!” Skor

“I Like How You Roll, Dad!” Tootsie Roll

“Life Without You Would Be Un-BEAR-able!” Gummy bears

“You Rock, Pop” Pop Rocks (This pun is the gift that keeps on giving!)

Pun hit wonders

These puns don’t fit any category, but each one is a little gem when paired with a simple, cute drawing. Who would ever think an olive could be adorable? But we think ours are, thanks to little touches like the heart-shaped pimento each one has on top. Pro-tip: Raise the cute factor of anything with a face by making the eyes large and placing them low on the face. This imitates a baby’s proportions. Use a toothpick to add a dot of white paint to eyes to give them life and sparkle.

Now on to our last batch of funny pun-liners for your cards:

“Dad, You’re One in a Melon” Full Daddy watermelon and slice-of-watermelon kid

“I LAVA you, Dad” Daddy volcano and kid volcano

“You Do a GRAPE Job RAISIN Me!” Daddy grape and kid raisin

“Happy Otter’s Day!” Two otters

“Stay Rad, Dad!” Radish with big green leaf hair and cool sunglasses

“Dad, I’m Your Biggest Fan” Cut out blades of the fan from paper and attach with a brad so they can rotate. And yes, you can put a face on one of the blades!

“Frankly, Dad, You’re Great!” Hotdog with a face

“You Really ROCKET This Whole Dad Thing!” Rocket Dad with child star

Been there, pun that? Share the pun cards your kids create with us at blog@learningresources.com