I want everyone to meet one of our favorite toys at the moment, Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog!

Spike Fine Motor Hedgehog

Strong fine motor skills are one of the first things you can encourage with your little one! Did you know that babies as young as 4-6 months are already working to develop these skills? I am constantly on the lookout for activities and toys that encourage my daughters to strengthen their little muscles and improve their coordination.

Spike Fine Motor

Although he may appear simplistic at first glance, I’ve found a ton of ways to incorporate him into learning activities for both my 3 and 5 year old girls. Spike has frequently helped us learn about counting, sorting, and color identification.

Fine Motor Spike Toy

My youngest daughter enjoys simply placing and removing the chunky, peg-shaped quills. We’ve also begun to work on finishing color patterns as well. My oldest daughter loves practicing counting and matching the quills to a number I call out.

Spike Fine Motor Color

You can also have your child sort the quills into color groups, practice sequencing and patterns by color, or use the numbers printed on Spike’s back to identify the amount of quills they have added to him.

Spike Fine Motor

Once you are done playing with him, simply pop the top of his back off and place all of his quills inside! This makes him a wonderful “travel toy” that can be taken on the go without fear of losing his pieces.

Spike Fine Motor Storage

I also love that Spike and his quills are made of easy-to-clean plastic. You can just wipe him down whenever need be! We can’t say enough wonderful things about this fun and engaging toy. I’m sure your family will enjoy Spike as much as we do!

Spike Fine Motor

Spike is up for a Toy of the Year Award on the Toddler category! Please vote for him here!

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