The beauty of math is that it is a subject even the earliest learner can grasp. We’ve compiled 7 different activities that your child can do today to make math sweet!



-Mini Muffin Match Up Math Activity Set

-Pen and paper



Or gather these DIY supplies:

-Muffin tin

-Small, colorful items such as Fruit Loops, marbles, or beads

-Regular dice

-Colored dice or a hat filled with each of the different colors


-Pen and paper



Activity #1: Matching

Put one place card in each muffin tin slot. For example, one card might have a number and color (2 red muffins); another, just a color (green); another, just a number (5). Kids can use the Squeezy Tweezers (practicing fine motor skills) to find two red muffins, one green muffin, and five random muffins.


DIY: Write your own place cards. Kids can use tongs for fine motor practice. Use small colorful items in place of the muffins.


Activity #2: Dice

Begin with an empty muffin tin. Roll the numbered dice, and have children count that number of muffins while placing them in the tin. For an extra challenge, roll the colored dice as well. Continue until all muffins are in the tin.


DIY: Use dice from another game. If no colored dice are available, place one of each colored object (example: buttons) into a hat and draw an item to determine which color should be selected.


Activity #3: Sorting

Dump all muffins out of the muffin tin and mix them up. Kids can practice sorting by color, separating them into the different slots of the muffin tin.


Activity #4: Patterns

Create a pattern on one side of the muffin tin. For example, place one red muffin in the first slot, then two blue, then one red. Have your child mirror the pattern on the other side of the tin.


Activity #5: Game

Shuffle all the muffins and place them into the muffin tin. Kids can roll one or both dice, removing the muffins while counting aloud. For a 2-player game, each person can take one side of the muffin tin. The first person to remove all their muffins wins.


Activity #6: Coins

Practice money vocabulary by writing dollar amounts on pieces of paper and placing them in the muffin tin. Give children real or play coins. Challenge them to make the amount shown by using their coins. For example, place a dime and penny on the 11 cents slot.


Activity #7: Equations

A similar approach can be taken with simple equations. Write math problems such as 2-1 or 3+3 on paper and place them in the muffin tin. After solving the problem, children can place that many muffins in the muffin tin.