Surprise your kids and celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Wednesday, June 7th!

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Crafting

It’s a great excuse to enjoy a delicious scoop of the cold, creamy treat we all love, and encourage your kids’ love of learning with this cool 2-in-1 craft.

First, kids can get creative making and decorating these ice cream pops, then play a fun memory-building game with them. It’s a win-win situation!

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Learning Ideas


We’ll be making at least 12 double-sided paper ice cream pops—each will have one plain brown “chocolate” side, and one decorated side. Kids will create 2 of each design for the decorated side. Flip over 2 of the same design and you get to keep those pops. Real popsicle sticks make the flipping more fun!

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper or cardstock in brown and other assorted colors
  • Craft sticks/popsicle sticks
  • Tape and/or glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional lid to use as a circular template
  • Optional ruler (or use edge of paper as straight edge)
  • Paint, glitter, crayons, markers, stickers, etc. for decoratin

Getting started:

We wanted our ice cream pops to be dramatically large so we folded our 8½” x 11” paper into 4 sections to give us a general idea of the size we wanted. Next we looked in our cupboard for a lid we could trace around to get that nice semi-circular shape at the top. Then we simply drew two lines downward as the sides.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day DIY crafting

To save effort, we then simply folded the paper back up and cut along the lines to give us 4 perfectly shaped ice cream pops! Parents, you can then take one of these cut outs and trace it onto the other colors of papers. Your kids can get helpful practice with their scissor skills as they cut along the lines.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day celebration

Before we knew it, we had 24 sides cut out and ready to go!

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day arts and crafts

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day how to make DIY games

Real ice cream is better with lots of toppings, and the same goes for our ice cream pop crafts. Let the kids have fun adding on all the painted sprinkles, swirls, and chocolate chips their hearts desire! Markers and crayons are also great for adding details, and a dash of glitter never hurts either. It’s also a great time to use those cute stickers you never know what to do with. Just remember to make 2 of each design!

Next, tape a popsicle stick to a brown popsicle shape, then use glue or tape to attach one of your decorated pieces. You’ve just made your first ice cream pop! Repeat for all pieces.

You’ll end up with a dozen delicious-looking ice cream pops your kids can also use for imaginative play. Play ice cream shop and let the kids “sell” you a treat. Then try our fun memory match game.

How to play with your pops

Spread out all the pops, “chocolate” side up. We made 12 but you could do 16, 20, or more for an even bigger memory challenge.

Each player takes a turn and flips over 2 pops. If the pops match, the player gets to keep them!

If a player’s 2 pops don’t match, they have to turn them back over again. But kids should look closely! If they remember the position of the pops, they’ll have an easier time making a match on their next turn!
Keep turning the pops over until all matches have been made. Kids count up their pops and the one with the most wins.

Easier variation:

You can make the game easier for very small players by getting a pack of multicolored craft sticks and use yellow for half of the pairs and another color for the other half, essentially doubling your child’s chance of making a match. If you use tape to make your paper pops, you can easily swap the sticks back to all the same color as your little ones get more familiar with the game.

Outdoor variation:

It’s fun to stick the pops into the ground so they stand up vertically in the grass or sand. Let the kids arrange them any way they like—they don’t even have to be in rows—with the brown sides all facing the players. Play as usual.

Grab ‘em and go

An entire set of these paper treats can be popped into your purse and weighs next to nothing so you can take these everywhere you go on National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Your children just might make some new friends, too. Kids can’t seem to resist these colorful pops with their real popsicle stick handles.

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