As schools around the country close, we’re here to help you navigate the world of at-home learning. While your little ones may not be in the classroom right now, there are easy online resources to help you turn your home into a place of learning. Below, you’ll find five of our favorites:  

Lesson Plans from Hand2Mind

As you switch from parent mode to teacher mode, you’ll probably need a little help planning lessons that are skill- and grade-appropriate. That’s where the curriculum resources of our sister company Hand2Mind come in. Designed by grade level and calibrated for all levels of learners, these free lesson plans will help you introduce and reinforce math concepts from counting and shapes to fractions, decimals, and more. You can also visit Hand2Mind’s Teacher Corner for tips and resources trusted by teachers across the country.

Physical Activities from GoNoodle

Studying is important, but so is staying physically active. Pump up the fun of at-home gym time with the app-based fitness games at GoNoodle. These high-energy videos challenge kids to jump, duck, and wave along with the hosts, with your smart device detecting their movements and making them a part of the story. It’s a novel way to get kids moving, and an easy way to help burn off excess cabin fever.  

Fantasy Math Fun from Prodigy

When your kids need a break from traditional at-home lessons, there are plenty of ways for them to keep learning while they play. One of our favorites is Prodigy, the free online roleplaying game built around the concepts of Common Core math. Calibrated for students in grades 1-8, the game turns kids into wizards studying at the magic-filled Academy. As they explore and adventure, they’ll solve real math challenges in order to defeat enemies, find treasure, and build their characters. In addition to fun gameplay, Prodigy also offers parent resources to help you incorporate the game into your own at-home learning plan.   

Video Classroom from OutSchool

At-home learning is wonderful, but sometimes you need the collaboration of a full class to fully spark kids’ creativity. With the small-group video classes at OutSchool, your kids can connect with inspiring teachers and students from around the world in sessions dedicated to everything from Spanish and game design to creative writing and music theory. OutSchool offers video classes for kids ages 3-18, so there are plenty of options to go around. Best of all: classes start from just $5.

Online Library from OverDrive

If you can’t make it to your local library, Libby is ready to bring the library to you. This innovative app from the folks at OverDrive uses your own library card to connect you to your library’s ebook holdings without the need to leave the house. From downloadable audiobooks you can play right from the app to graphic novels, picture books, and more, Libby is a free and easy way to expand your own learning resources.

At Learning Resources, we’re here to help you make the best of this challenging time. Stay safe and healthy, and check back with our blog for more tips and learning ideas as the situation unfolds.