Usher in 2018 with this crafty idea! Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of New Year’s Eve? Include the children in on the festivities with some safe, homemade NYE poppers. Store-bought poppers can be a bit startling, and aren’t really kid-friendly. Create your own by upcycling materials from around your home.

Toilet paper rolls
Latex balloons
Mailing or duct tape
Craft paint
Glitter markers or paint pens
Craft Pom Poms* or confetti

*You can use actual confetti, glitter, or hole-punched construction paper, too. But using craft pom poms ensures the “popping” fun can be repeated over and over again (and less clean up!)

DIY poppers materials

Paint your toilet paper rolls different, festive colors and allow for drying time.

Painting poppersLetting poppers dry
Use glitter pens to decorate the rolls.

Glitter and paint

Next, knot a latex balloon and cut it directly in half with a sharp scissors. Adults only!

Wrap the knotted end around the toilet paper roll and secure with heavy duty tape.

Balloon at the bottom of popperTaping the balloon
Fill with craft pom poms or actual confetti and watch the fun fly!

Pulling the popper from the bottom
Happy New Year!