This week my family and I are supposed to be on Spring Break relaxing on a beautiful sunny beach where words like Shelter-in-Place and e-learning were part of some sort of SCI FI novel I would be reading poolside.  Instead- like Mom’s everywhere- I am getting ready for the return to school next week- IN MY  BASEMENT!  I have a 2nd grader and a 6th grader so the teachers are providing the curriculum (thank goodness) but I have to prepare the “classroom”.

Special Accommodations

Identify what your kids have at school- including any special accommodations- and provide them at home.

My 2nd graders uses a “wiggle stool” so we are now the proud owners of one! I have placed it in front of the computer for e-learning, but she can move it all around as she sees fit….who knows…it may end up at the dinner table!

Mom Tip

Go online and let your child select the model and color of their special chair/ stool etc. My daughter looked through all the images and chose the one that most closely resembles the one she uses at school- in her favorite color.

School Supplies

So, all those markers and crayons you sent in back in August? They are still at school even though your student is not!  Stock up on markers, pencils, colored pencils, crayons and whatever else your child uses at school and put them on a dedicated “school” desk or near the computer for easy access during e-learning!

Mom Tip

Learning Resources makes a perfect storage caddy (the mini- create- a space organizer) that is a perfect vessel to organize your at-home supplies. I purchased one for each child to eliminate fighting over pencils and markers (or at least attempt to eliminate).

White Boards

Teachers have chalkboards and Mom’s have whiteboards!  These are a great add to your at-home-classroom.  Bonus- most are magnetic so you can use them to display a daily “masterpiece”.

Mom Tip

Buy one large white board that you can use as a learning aid (practicing cursive, working out a math problem) but also buy smaller individual white boards for each child that you can use to create individual to-do lists. Put a little check box next to each task so keeps can mark off completed tasks and feel a sense of accomplishment!