From books about the tiny creatures to actually seeing one inch along the sidewalk, caterpillars always capture the imagination of creative little minds. This DIY clothespin caterpillar craft brings together sensory sensations, fine motor skills, and color recognition all in one cute and endearing activity. Little hands were just made for this craft!




You will need:



Craft pom poms

Goggly or candy eyeballs



Spill your pom poms all over your table so you toddler can clearly see all the color choices. Squeeze the glue along the length of the clothespin.


Drop the balls in any order you’d like. Challenge your toddler by suggesting a sequence. Quiz your toddler on the colors as he or she places them on the clothespin.


Gluing the eyes can be tricky, so fine motor skills (and patience!) are put to the test.


Ask your toddler to create a “snowman” caterpillar.


How about a rainbow one?


Before you know it, you have an entire caterpillar village. The creative process then takes a break as imaginative play takes over!


Children love this colorful activity. It’s also a craft that lasts – use your clothespin caterpillar for lists on the fridge or in the laundry room. Kids love to see their hard work around the house!