One thing we can count on for sure is that kids love painting and exploring different textures. With this textured paint full moon crafting project, Moms can help turn a love of crafting into an early love of science! Use this arts and craft project as a launching pad for discovery about the June Strawberry Moon, the moon’s phases and how it impacts the Earth.

strawberry moon crafting

Making a “strawberry moon” 

It’s June, the month of the Strawberry Moon. No, the moon won’t suddenly mimic a delicious, ripe strawberry and cast a pink or scarlet glow. The June full moon was called the “Strawberry Moon” for generations by Native American tribes who used the moon to track seasons and time.

Each full moon throughout the year had a different name, often describing the month or the season. For example, the full moon in September was called the “Full Corn Moon” and coincided with the fall corn harvest. December’s full moon was called the “Full Cold Moon”. The full moon in June, was the time to gather ripened spring fruit – namely strawberries – hence the name “Strawberry Moon.”

Even after America was colonized, newly arrived settlers began to apply some of the lunar calendar titles to the Gregorian calendar, including the Strawberry Moon.

Moon fun facts

Beyond adding a bright glow to the night sky, the moon also plays some very important roles for planet Earth. Did you know that…

  • The moon is about a quarter of Earth’s diameter
  • It lies 238,855 miles from Earth
  • It’s the only celestial body humans have visited outside of Earth
  • Every 27 days, the moon make a full trip around Earth
  • The moon is shaped like an egg. It’s an oval, not a circle.

How the moon impacts Earth

The moon orbits around the Earth as Earth orbits around the sun. The moon’s centre of gravity constantly pulls at the Earth, and so does the sun. This causes a couple of things to happen.

First of all, the moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth’s oceans causes the tides to rise and fall.

Secondly, the moon makes Earth a liveable planet. As the moon and the sun each offer a gravitational pull towards the Earth, it keeps the world spinning on its axis. The moon keeps this spinning consistent and steady which stabilizes Earth’s climate, contributes to making the seasons, and makes our planet liveable.

That of course, brings us back to the Strawberry Moon! We enjoy the spring season and can pick all those strawberries because the moon is hard at work keeping Earth spinning around the sun.

Celebrate the June Strawberry Moon with this fun textured painting craft.

What you’ll need:

  • Black cardstock or construction paper
  • White paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Flour
  • A bottle or a cup for stamping and adding texture to the painting

Getting started:

  1. Mix one part paint with one part flour. The flour adds texture to the white paint making it grainy and a bit clumpy.
  2. Trace a large circle on the paper.
  3. Use a paint brush to paint the full moon with the textured paint.
  4. Using the bottom of the bottle or cup, stamp the paint. The combination of the texture of the paint and the stamping will create a simple moons

strawberry moon arts and craft project