Just in time for National Nutrition Month, we’ve got a step by step recipe for a delicious – and nutritious – smoothie your kids will love. We’ll also share some of the science behind this fun and frosty treat. So, grab your blender and get ready to mix up a seriously smart snack!

Frozen fruit juice like orange, pineapple, apple, or mango
Bag of frozen berries
Small container of yogurt

Start by mixing up some juice from frozen concentrate. Let your kids pull the tab and drop the “glop” of frozen concentrate into a pitcher. Measure and pour the cans of water into the pitcher. Then let your kids stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and watch in amazement as the frozen “glop” magically disappears.

Explain that the water is warmer than the frozen concentrate, which helps it dissolve. Also, as your child stirs, more surface area of the frozen concentrate is exposed to the water, causing it to dissolve faster.

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Once the concentrate has completely dissolved, have your child follow these steps!

1. Pour one cup of the juice into your blender.

Smoothie, Science, Nutrition

2. Add about two cups of frozen berries.

Smoothie, Science, Nutrition

3. Scoop in the contents of the yogurt container.

Smoothie, Science, Nutrition

4. Peel and drop a whole banana on top.

Smoothie, Science, Nutrition

Using the pulse setting on your blender, begin to blend the mixture, pulsing until the ingredients start to mix together. How does your blender turn these separate solids into one super-smooth liquid?

Smoothie Science

First, the circular movement of the blender creates a vortex, or a spinning mass of fluid, that presses against the outer edges of the blender. A void, or vacuum, in the center of the vortex sucks the largest pieces into the middle, where the blades are.

The blades of the blender break the chunks of fruit into smaller pieces and send them flying back to the outer edge. This circular pattern continues until all contents are liquified, also blending air into the mixture, which gives your smoothie its frothy texture.

After about a minute of pulsing and blending, remove the lid of the blender and give your smoothie a stir. If your concoction looks too thick to pour, add another half cup of juice and blend again. This recipe will make two large smoothies or four smaller cups.


Insert a straw and enjoy!

For the Littles: If your Littles are really little, let them pretend play!  Try this adorable smoothie maker for tots, and let them get creative by adding their own pretend fruit.

Smoothie Science, Nutrition

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