As the old song goes, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! But, if it just won’t snow, follow these simple instructions for creating an awesome (and warmer) winter-themed sensory bin, complete with DIY snow made from two simple ingredients you’ve already got in the house!

What You’ll Need:

Sensory bin materials

  • 3 Cups Baking Soda (that’s one and a half boxes)
  • ½ Cup Conditioner (any kind will do)
  • Winter-themed extras (we used clear beads, blue glitter, sparkly confetti, and jingle bells)
  • A tray with high sides or a plastic bin
  • Spoons, cups, and bowls

What You’ll Do:

1. Pour ½ cup of conditioner into a bowl if your kids are mixing (it’s fun!) or directly into the tray or bin if you’re mixing (it’s messy!)

Sensory bin spoon with conditioner

2. Measure 3 cups of baking soda and dump it into your bowl or tray

Sensory bin baking soda powder

3. Use your hands to mix the ingredients until they stick together. Add a bit more conditioner if the snow feels too “dry”

Sensory bin mixed ingredients

4. Add your extras one at a time, mixing them in with your hands

Sensory bin extra materials added

What THEY’LL Do:

Sensory bin snowman tray Sensory bin using plastic spoons

A sensory bin is a wonderful, open-ended, exploratory tool that develops everything from fine motor and language skills to imagination, cooperation, and problem-solving. So, let your kids loose and see what happens! Some will dig right in and start discovering – others might need a few suggestions to get started. Below are a few things your kiddo can do with their winter-themed sensory snow bin:

    • Sift the snow between their fingers
    • Smash the snow down flat
    • Squish the snow into a solid, using two hands
    • Scoop the snow with a spoon or small shovel
    • Use a spoon to fill a small bowl with snow
    • Dump the snow out of the bowl and back into the bin
    • Rake the snow with a fork
    • Make a path through the snow with their fingers
    • Pack the snow into balls
    • Stack the balls to make a snowman
    • Use a spoon to extract specific extras from the snow
    • Make a separate pile of each type of extra
    • Talk about how the snow feels
    • Describe the extras they see in the snow
    • Answer your creative prompts about who might live in this winter wonderland and what they might do all-day

What are you waiting for? Let it snow and watch your kiddos grow!

Save it for later!

Sensory bin snow crazy Pinterest image