October is here, and it’s the perfect time to plan some spooky, playful learning activities for your little ones. What better way than combining Halloween themed fine motor practice with some sensory and sorting skills? I’ve got the perfect activity for your home or classroom!

Fine motor activities such as this one are important for young children, as they help develop handwriting skills and their ability to perform important daily tasks. When you introduce your child to play based learning activities such as this one, they are getting that practice in a playful way.

Sensory Activities

Sorting and classifying is another important skill for little ones to learn. This activity will help toddlers and preschoolers with this life skill by encouraging them to sort each Halloween object into its corresponding bucket.

Fill a large tray with small, Halloween themed objects. Halloween mini erasers, plastic spiders and googley eyes work perfectly. Any small orange, black, or green objects you can find will also fit in well with this activity.


What you need:
Fine motor tools: Tweezers, Scoopers, etc. (We love the Learning Resources Handy Helpers)
Mini Buckets or Cups
Mini Erasers
Pom Poms
Plastic Spiders
Googley Eyes


Fill a tray with small, Halloween themed objects

Sensory Tray Halloween

Set out mini buckets and fine motor tools

Sensory Tray Halloween

Encourage your little ones to pick up each small object with a tweezer or other fine motor tool, and transfer one at a time into the buckets

 Sensory Tray Halloween

Sort the pieces by object type

Sensory Tray Halloween

Your little ones will love this challenging, spooky fine motor activity!


Save it for later!

Spooky Sensory Tray