by Scherrie Donaldson

Summer reading is a must for students to help prevent learning loss, and it can be a great opportunity for children to explore subjects that they are interested in as well as suggested books from their reading lists.

But making reading fun and interesting can sometimes be a challenge. Plus, moms need to make sure our kiddos are actually comprehending what they read.

Here’s the good news: the Learning Resources Reading Comprehension Cubes are a great resource to engage elementary school-aged children of all ages and reading levels in the reading process. They have a variety of questions and prompts to encourage dialogue and understanding.


My kindergartener and first grader are at different reading levels, but I often encourage them to read together or to each other to help develop fluency, intonation, expressive language and listening skills. We used the Learning Resources Reading Comprehension Cubes during a read aloud of the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin.

summer brain gain

The red cubes are filled with questions to discuss before reading to preview the text and create predictions. We briefly analyzed the book by looking at the cover, viewing the text and admiring the illustrations. Then, we rolled the cubes and each answered two questions.

stop the summer slide in reading

The blue cubes are for use during reading, so every couple of pages we rolled the cubes and they each answered a question to help them make connections, identify characters and conflicts, understand new vocabulary and make predictions.

We rolled the green cubes after we finished reading the story and the boys had the opportunity to vocalize their comprehension of the story to summarize the story, reflect, create an alternate ending and develop other post-reading skills.

Using the interactive Learning Resources Reading Comprehension Story Cubes makes reading more fun and helps develop critical literacy skills. They’re perfect for helping keep brain sharp…. all summer long!